Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gallery of Heartbreak, On-Going

The sad thing about this Gallery of Heartbreak series is there is no shortage of heartbreaking news items to include in it. Above is Maxwell Begley, age thirteen, who lives in Ontario. He  is challenged by being autistic. Look at his face: innocent and happy. He has hit the news and his community is rallying around him and his family. He innocently thinks he is famous. I hope he never finds out the reason why.

His grandma recently received an appalling hate letter which I will not quote here, other than to say the sentiments expressed would have found a home in Nazi circles in the 40's, and included the suggestion this precious child be euthanized.

This affronts any person with a shred of humanity beyond measure. It hits close to home for me. I have cared for more than one autistic child. Mental illness is in my family as well : schizophrenia, bi-polar, autism spectrum, oppositional defiance disorder, you name it. What I know BEYOND DOUBT is that each of these souls, on their bumpy journeys, is precious beyond measure. They offer special gifts - they are brilliant, loving, hilarious, march to the beat of their own drum. 

They are gifted. And they are GIFTS to their loved ones, teaching us unconditional love, acceptance of each other, and open-mindedness in ways we might never have learned without their presence in our lives. They teach us that each person is special just by Being. That Being is Enough.

Maxwell's family already struggles. His mom has multiple sclerosis. I am happy their community is supporting them, and that some positives are coming out of an appalling attack. But I so wish it had never happened. And I hope Maxwell never finds out why he suddenly is famous. Let him think it is because he is incredibly precious and special. Because he is.

May Maxwell know deep in his heart, always, that he is loved.


  1. And he will always be famous in our hearts, because his innocense is a treasure to all that his life touches I am sure. Thank you for sharing this Sherry....really makes you think when you are getting discouraged on your daily struggles what really matters in this life....I needed another reminder today. :-)

  2. What a very sad story, Sherry. Children should not have to endure such things as this. No one should.

  3. It is beyond imagining...a mother with MS, and the suggestion that her autistic child should be euthanized. I truly hope as you do, that Maxwell never finds out that some idiot thought he'd be better off dead, or thought the family would be better off with him dead. The fact that such people even exist is an affront to humanity.
    Pray for him, Sherry, then let it go. You do not need to take on another emotional problem in your life. Turn it over to the Infinite, and I will do the same.
    Love, K

  4. One has to wonder about the individual who wrote such a missive. What are they missing in their life, what tremendous fear must be driving them, and how do they live with that much hatred within (anger and hatred are based in fear)? I am so glad this young boy's community has rallied around him but also worry about the letter writer's next target.


  5. Oh my..this breaks my heart. I will never understand how humans can so mistreat one another.

  6. What a sad, tragic display of human cruelty. Bless this young man and his family. Thank you for sharing this Sherry.

  7. I will be praying for his family, this is an amazing post desr Sherry :)

  8. Euthanasia refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering. There are different euthanasia laws in each country.

    How we pussyfoot around such terms created to legalize such matters. We have good solid terms for such acts as suggested in this case. It's called murder.

    Thank you Sherry for highlighting this.

    It is not only the innocent who are targeted. The geniuses too it seems. I am upset about two other murders in Egypt this week. A brilliant technologist and a true entrepreneur who dared challenge the likes of Apple.

    What is happening in this world of ours?

  9. I think we all can claim to have a bumpy journey in some way. So what gives anyone the right to attack anyone else for theirs. I cannot believe that anyone can possibly be so narrow minded about a child. An incredible post.

  10. I share your sentiments Sherry. Hard to understand the depth of cruelty that can exist. I hope Max always knows how speial he is.


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