Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Council for All Beings

Roll Call

Red wolf came, and passenger Pigeon,
and Dodo Bird, all the gone or endangered
came and crowded around in a circle,
the Bison, the Irish Elk waited
silent, the Great White Bear fluid and strong,
sliding from the sea, streaming and creeping
into the gathering darkness, nose down
bowing to earth its tapered head,
where the Black-footed Ferret, paws folded,
stood in the center surveying the multitude
and spoke for us all:  “Dearly beloved,” it said.

              William Stafford

This came to my inbox this morning and is too beautiful not to share. 


  1. Gosh. I thought you wrote it.

  2. It definitely seems like something you would write, Sherry!

  3. I thought that you had written it, too. That sounds just like you, Sherry!

  4. Lovely! I too thought you'd written it until I got to the bottom of the page, Sherry.

  5. Lovely lines, thanks for sharing them.

  6. This is really brautiful. I wish I could attend such a convention.

  7. wow, this is amazing! Where did I sign up to receive this?! Thank you Sherry :D


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