Monday, August 5, 2013

The Granddogs

A grandma's job seems to be Taking Care Of a lot of small creatures.

Head count at our house this Sunday morning is:
three adults,
one small boy,
SIX dogs,
and a horse.
(The horse is the easy one!)

This is Chloe, whose mom will come to get her later today.

Life at the farm is definitely being lived in the Fast Lane these days,  as people come and go in pursuit of their summer vacations.

Slower traffic would be well advised to Keep Right.


  1. Zoom zoom ... I'll stay right if I must, but much prefer the left. Too much traffic could be forestalled by a detour sign?

  2. Sherry, hopefully slower tracker will SOON resume. Chloe sure is a cutie though.

  3. If my grandniece has a pug, does that make the pug my granddog?
    Otherwise, we have six granddogs, belonging to Dick's four daughters, but have never had to babysit. Lindy is SO relieved.
    And no horses. Not yet.
    My niece (mother to my grandniece and her big brother) just spent A Great Deal of Money on something called a paddleboard. It is purple and white, with a red paddle, and she keeps it on her living room wall when she's not in the ocean with it.
    Do you think I could be getting old?
    Luv, K

  4. ha. but you know you are having fun with all of them around...smiles....

  5. I seem to spend all of my time taking care of small creatures, too!

  6. I cannot believe it. I wrote about our new cat today, and you are writing about the whole damn menagerie! Ha ha. That puppy face, I could just melt... Love, Amer

  7. i find myself more and more comfortable in the right lane:)
    sounds like fun over thar.

  8. Aww... you're such a good grand-dog-mother.

  9. Ha! Busy times! It sounds fun...and exhausting!

  10. Wow...what an interesting place!! I would love to have all of them in my house too!!You are undoubtedly a wonderful care-giver!:)


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