Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wild Woman: A Cautionary Tale

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Young maidens: listen up!
Wild Woman has learned
a thing or three about

(Too soon old,
too late smart.)

Come sit by me
and I'll tell you what I know
about Love.

When some dude
gives you the eye,
before getting all
OMG, he thinks I'm pretty,
check him out.

Is he smart?
Is he kind?
Does he kick his dog?

DO NOT think:
oh, he just needs love
and I can make him change.

Run screaming
in the other direction.
Find someone
who doesnt need
to change.

I'm serious.

Dont let dudes
just Happen
to you.

You are more wonderful
than you can 
even begin to know.
The gift of yourself
is a priceless treasure.

Before you give it,
make sure you can trust
the one you give it to.
Make sure the person
is worthy of
that most precious

Mary set us the prompt: Choices this week at Poetry Jam. I could have gone in a kazillion directions as my choices in life have, if often ill-advised. But Wild Woman is feeling rather feisty, it being Hallowe'en and all, so I let her zoom around on her broom a few times and dictate this poem.

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  1. I don't know poetry jam--but I know poor relationships--had my share and got out---I love the tone of this piece--and wonderful advice!

  2. You are so right. A lot of men wear fine costumes for a while, but when they take off their masks after they have won a person's heart he may not be recognizable. Tricks are fine on ahalloween but not in life.

  3. Think I'll be showing this to Chloe to read Sherry. So sad what these girls think they have to do to make a boy interested in them when (at that age) all so many of them are really interested in is

    Great advice :)

  4. smiles...good wisdom in this...we can get so caught up in the attention that we dont make a good decision...rush into things...and then reep the product of our choices....sadly you see this all the time around us...

  5. You got to me too late dear Sherry....I have learned this one the hard way twice.....:-(

  6. Amen and amen a thousand times, Sherry! These are things that very young girls need to learn. I found myself nodding in agreement with every line.

  7. Another one of those 'required reading' poems for females of a certain age ...

    (Too soon old, too late smart.) Isn't that the truth!!!!

  8. Too soon old,
    too late smart. - yes - you nailed it right here.

  9. Run screaming
    in the other direction.
    Find someone
    who doesnt need
    to change.....OH SO TRUE

    Never think you can change someone or that you need to change for them!

  10. What a great lesson here! I hope all the maidens (and young boys) out there pay attention!

  11. boy, i can relate to "too soon old, too late smart." great take on the prompt ~ it took me 59 years, but i finally found a good guy!

    thanks for joining in at Poetry Jam, Sherry!

  12. Wise advice - which in this form might just be taken!

  13. Wow, I could have used this advice 25 years ago, although I'm pretty sure in my youthful arrogance I wouldn't have listened anyway! That can be an awfully tough lesson to learn for sure, has taken some of us years to figure it out. Love this take on the PJ prompt!


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