Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Candle for Peace

Light a Candle for Peace at 

May this candle of peace
in my heart
light a candle for peace 
in yours,
that lights another
candle for peace
in its turn,
until, all over the world,
the candle of peace
in our hearts, 
burning brightly,
shines enough light
to illuminate
and unite
the whole world
in the peace and justice
all beings 
long for.

The prompt at Poets United's Wonder Wednesday is: Wax. I am a huge fan of scented candles and incense. When I have those, I feel truly rich. We also always have white candles in the cupboard for winter storms, when trees fall across the hydro wires and the power goes out. But I thought of another kind of candle today.


  1. I'm ready. I may already be burning.

  2. Beeutiful! I love this to be united and create more light in the world! What a bright and clever post!
    Love it!!!! Brilliant~

  3. This is beautiful, Sherry. May we all light candles of peace.

  4. Peace, yes. I like the way you gave the candle to burn in others. Beautiful, Sherry.

  5. I used to love scented candles, scented anything. I can smell nothing.

  6. A wonder of a vision with the simple symbol of a candle, Sherry.

  7. oh this is beautiful.....if it is a song.....let the whole world hear it.....

  8. Sherry,

    We all get something special with a prayer by candle light. It enables a more spiritual experience...
    Beautiful words Sherry:)

    Best Wishes,

    Hope all is good Sherry, now that autumn has arrived.
    I have been on holiday and then ill after that. Hoping for better days ahead. Eileen :)

  9. Sherry this really hit me where I live. Goosebumps, tears, everything! What a beautiful, beautiful image--like a hymn, with candles. Thank you for this uplifting piece/peace :-)

  10. It's so wonderful to have thoughts for something elusive, Sherry! Lasting peace is a dream one seeks but remains a dream! Beautiful write!


  11. Sherry, your poem was not only lovely; it was a much-needed reminder that if we all light a candle and keep that flame's light alive in our spirits, peace will surely come one day. Thank you for a unique take on the prompt. Love, Amy

  12. Flickers, on occasion--but does not go out.

    What a lovely verse with a great feel.
    Thank you.

  13. One could not utter a prayer more beautiful, powerful or necessary than this.

  14. Great message Sherry! Change begins with one, thanks for being that one.

  15. May the wishes in you lovely poem come true. I am also a huge fan of candles, unfortunately my husband
    hates the scent of lavender.

  16. Compassionate and full of faith.


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