Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stay Safe


Like everyone in North America, 
I am heartsick at what is happening 
along the eastern seaboard. 
My thoughts are with all of the brave people 
trying to help each other in the midst 
of shocking devastation. 

Stay safe, everyone. 
Every heart on this continent is with you.


  1. Thanks for sending out this prayer, Sherry.

  2. amen.

    my thoughts are on all those affected today...and in the struggle of the coming days...

    appreciate all those out there working as well to make sure people are safe...

  3. Dear Sherry
    You know how I feel about this Sherry. I am praying hard for many lives too.

  4. What tragic loss of lives and property! It makes me heartsick too.

  5. This has broken my heart...so many suffering, so much devastation. I know it too well from having faced several hurricanes.


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