Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Waking Up

[*image from love-theearth.blogspot.com]

The vast and massive 
corporal body
called Humanity,
having mastered,
in its brief sojourn,
devastation of the environment,
displacement of millions of its citizens
through war and oppressive regimes,
fear and famine,
having dotted the planet with 
potential nuclear disasters,
with war raging across the globe
waged by "ignorant armies
that clash by night" *,
that great beast
is stirring.

It is dozing fitfully, restlessly,
bothered by bad dreams
of tsunamis, earthquakes,
melting icecaps, tornadoes,
financial collapse,
escalating bloodshed and carnage.
It dreams of the earth
tilting on its axis
and flinging off 
its human cancer
to start anew.

The beast's nose is twitching,
eyes rolling under
shuttered eyelids.
In its left ear,
the ego lures it
ahead into further chaos,
born of greed and lust for power.
In the right ear,
its soul whispers: 
"there is a better way".

It is batting at the left ear,
annoyed and exhausted 
at its message
of further destruction.
It is turning with relief to
the voice of the soul
which tells it:
"there can be peace
and harmony,
and all can be fed."

The great beast of humankind
is beginning to understand.
With the rising tides swirling 
around its feet,
and the planet heating up,
it is ready to make
the Great Shift
of global consciousness.

At last,
it is ready to

* from Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold

Well, let us hope we can make this shift pretty darned fast!!!!!! 
The Beast is stirring!!!!
Happy Tuesday, kids.


  1. Yes, the beast is awakening! It had better be and clear this mess currently making life impossible. There has to be a reason. There has to be a way! Nice food for thought Sherry and a great verse!


  2. I love the ending, so full of hope. I always try to remember that the healing begins with me. And I can see my consciousness shifting.

    Happy Day Sherry.

  3. Perhaps we should find our little and big ways to show affection to it as it wakens, you know, help it take us along for the ride?

  4. if only we could awaken before the shift that throws us all off....but i have serious doubts that many really even care...

  5. I so hope you are right. But I fear the diseases of Greed and Gluttony have become like super-viruses, immune to to our feeble attempts to destroy them before it's too late.

  6. It is!
    It is!
    It is!
    I can feel it!

  7. Sherry this should be over a loud speaker! I so hope change is coming, the good kind~
    It is a scary world!

    :D this should be a song!

  8. I know the world is shifting...may we awaken and be a people of peace. Great write Sherry. Again, keep speaking what we need to hear.

  9. Are we ready, are we awakening? I don't know. I do hope that we are.


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