Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dog Days of Late Summer

Our weather is rather spectacular these days, and it is going on for weeks and weeks. In fact, it is so warm and dry that some major rivers, needed for the salmon spawn, have dried up. It is hard not to enjoy the sunshine, though, knowing the gray skies will close in at some point and will not lift till April.

We took the dogs for a swim this aft, to their delight. 

Jasmine is super-competitive. Stick or kong thrown, she will drown her brother, in her quest to claim it. If Lukey (occasionally) gets it first, she glides up to him like a crocodile, 

shoves her snout along the stick right up against his muzzle, and they get

stuck, until Lukey gives up.

Then they come ashore, and 

wait again, till Lukey gives up :) He is the sweet-natured guy on the left.
My Jasmine is the obsessive-compulsive crocodile.

Young Blakey prefers to chase his own, smaller stick.

Lori's attempts to get certain dogs to stay still long enough for a photo.
It's exactly like taking photos of small squirmy children -
it's a crap-shoot. (Almost literally,
come to think of it!)

Moment of reverie.....the blue water.....
the blue, blue hills.

Noey, our elder-dog, playing it cool.


  1. To live close to this beauty!

  2. Wow......... And I spent my morning watching combines and 'ooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing' the trees around me.

    I did hit the river--which was spectacular. But scenes like this.......WOW.

    What a awe-filled place you and your critters get to enjoy.

  3. Sherry, just loved seeing those pictures of Lukey and Jasmine!! What fun they had!

  4. You're having so much fun, Sherry! Close to nature with fantastic scenery - that's healthy living. Fun company fits in most appropriately. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Oh, I love all the blue and your dogs are so fun to watch :D
    Gorgeous day~

  6. How fun and yes... a bit like young children. The crocodile reference made me laugh!

  7. Oh how I loved every minute of this. I just pretended that I was out there with you all.

  8. Beautiful blue view! So nice Sherry.

  9. What fun. I love playing with dogs in the water. It would be great to live close to such beauty!

  10. It's positively beautiful there Sherry. Didn't know you lived with a wonderful pack of dogs. How nice.

  11. This post made me happy, Sherry. Such wonder and comfort in time spent like this. Love!

  12. What great shots these are, Sherry,
    and how adorable are your four-legged kids!

  13. I wish I live near the water and blue hills ~ Sounds like a lovely weekend with the family and pets ~ Happy day to you ~

  14. I want to live where you live...
    But then again, I would miss living where I live.

  15. I love your description of the two dogs fighting for the stick. Thanks for the comment on my blog. All is well. Busy (now that my toes are healed) at home and at work. Not much time to breathe, much less write. :)

  16. Such fun! I love the photo of Jasmine and Lukey sharing the load.

  17. Ahh... we had been enjoying these days too Sherry but, starting to really cool off in the mornings now... brrr...
    These walks need to set you up for the winter...I also hate the white/grey skies which last through until April sometime. Loved the pics and the walk :) No doubt in mind that you and the dogs did :)

  18. aloha Sherry Blue Sky - i suspect you can call these days just about anything you want as long as the dogs get that swim in... ... now that i think of it, that'd be okay by me too. ha. cool on dog days like this. aloha.


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