Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life, According to SARK

Ellie's prompt at Poets United's Wonder Wednesday is right up my alley: SARK, the juicy succulent wild woman. I came across her books, all rainbow colors, outrageous fonts and exhortations to Live Large, back in the 90's. Havent read her since then, and I see there is a Planet Sark online I have yet to explore.  But I remember the spirit of her work very well, so today, while I was cleaning, ideas were popping like Redenbacher popcorn. Dive in! This was Totally Fun to do!

 Live juicy.
 Live succulently,
like the big old warm body
that you are.

The smorgasbord of  Life awaits:
Dive in!

Feast your eyeballs
on the beauty 
of rivers and mountains and sky. 
Let the music of the spheres
play timpani
on your bones.

Live large -
order a two-scoop cone.
Every time!

Live Wild, like the river.
Live plentiful of spirit
like nature herself,
who gives and gives
and never counts the cost.

Awaken with anticipation
at the dawning of
this brand new day.
Look with amazement
at the morning sky,
all its beauty
just for you!

Belt out the song
that is yours alone to sing.
Bask in the warm, tabby-colored sunshine
of noon.
Make this the best today possible.
Be generous
with its delights.

Scatter  sky-diamond stars
across the landscape
of your evening,
and, before sleep,
the wonders of tomorrow.

Let the invisible hairs 
along your spine
as you gallop along the shore,
or tiptoe, silent as a newt,
into the forest.

Perch under the
dripping wet branches.
Get in touch with
Your Inner Mushroom.

Listen to your wolf-sister's howl,
under the full 
harvest moon.
Ask her to teach you
how to
Live Wild.


  1. amazing - so vivid and the colors pop, love your humor and the pure vitality of this piece.

  2. This was amazing! I want to do all that you shared! I knew after I did wonder, I should of put wild...but I think it is best. Wild needs to be for something else ;D

    I love all of it and I want to do all of it!!! I knew you would knock this one out of orbit~ lol

  3. she sounds like one of US

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  4. Look at how clever you are, with all these colours, and I love your words!

    You and I have always encouraged each other to be wild women, I believe! So glad to have you as my wolf sister...:)

  5. Now this is living life wild and colorful. There is so many things in this....I think I shall put on my most colorful blouse and howl at the moon!

  6. You give us some more fab choices, although I have to confess that my inner mushroom has gone awol.
    Wasn't this a fun prompt.

  7. These are all such great ways to live - especially the 2 scoops every time! How great would that be?

  8. What you did with your vibrant colours was make this look like stacks and stacks of very vivid and colourful books! Very clever. The message is there, loud and clear.
    Two scoop ice cream sounds good to me :)

  9. Awesome poem ... love the way you've written this on SARK's ideas. And those colors ... wow!

  10. I've run across her a few times now. Inspirational, yes - but in ways you cannot actually pin down - I find.

  11. "Live wild like the river" true as your beautiful words always are Sherry!

  12. nice...lots of cool wisdom in this one sherry...probably my fav is to belt out the song given to you alone to sing...def try to do that...smiles.

  13. I started doing the two scoops several years ago. Had to stop because my inner mushroom lost its cover. Love this Sherry, it is so you!


  14. This is truly beautiful, Sherry! I love your playfulness with color.

  15. Amazing....loved the word n color play!!

  16. Woah, awesome job Sherry! Your poem is alive both visually and emotionally. Great piece!

  17. owoooooo!!!!!
    " Let the music of the spheres
    play timpani
    on your bones."
    Yeah, that might even heal the nerves in between!
    " Belt out the song
    that is yours alone to sing.
    Bask in the warm, tabby-colored sunshine
    of noon." Like my tabby cat!
    " Get in touch with
    Your Inner Mushroom."
    And then you give us wolf sisters too!
    It must be wonderful being you!

  18. i LOVE the feel of this, Sherry! the celebration and appreciation! many wonderful lines but i'm really drawn to the idea of living "succulently" ~ maybe because i live in the desert surrounded by cacti and succulents. {smile}

    enjoyed this immensely!

  19. i love the message and i love love love the color play!!! i can't wait to write poetry again... Take care, Sherry ;)


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