Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Because I Am A Girl

14 year old Malala Yousafzai, an activist blogger for peace and the education of girls in Pakistan, was shot in the head for her work yesterday by the Pakistan Taliban. Since she was eleven, this brave girl has spoken out in the midst of one of the most oppressive regimes in the world for women. She was awarded Pakistan's first national peace prize. And then was shot in the head.  I pray she will live. And may it be Somewhere Else.

I take the words Because I Am a Girl from the organization by that name that promotes the well being of girls throughout the world. I got my information from CNN

Because I am a girl,
I am prey when I am little.

Because I am a girl,
you can rape me in my teens,
then call me damaged goods.
You can even kill me for being raped.

Because I am a girl,
I am considered by some
to be a useless mouth to feed,
though I labor for you
from dawn till dark.

Because I am a girl
I can be denied an education.

Because I am a girl,
you can make me marry an old man.

I can be shot
for speaking out about peace
and the education of girls.
I am called an abomination
for promoting Western values.
I must be silenced.


Because I am a girl,
I bring forth life,
and I love and nurture that life
against all odds.
I will go hungry to feed my children.
I will do anything
to help them live,
at the cost of my own life.
I love my daughters and my sons,
even though my sons may grow up 
to further oppress me.

If you feed me,
educate me,
and value me,
I can change life
in this village
for the women and children.
I can make this world a better place
Because I Am a Girl.


  1. The oppression there is heartbreaking. What a sad story, and what a brave young lady. The world needs more people like her. Your poem is a beautiful tribute to her bravery and goodness Sherry!

  2. This is a powerful, and empowering piece from you, Sherry. It continues to baffle me how in the twenty-first century, we still have cultures who are literally centuries behind, living in the dark ages somewhere...with an entire gender living as if they are someone else's property...they have about as many rights as cattle. That our own government doesn't speak out more forcefully against such oppression is criminal in itself.

  3. Thanks for writing this to mark this tragedy. The loss of even one makes a difference, and you have communicated this clearly.

  4. Thank you, Sherry, for further highlighting not only the plight of this brave young woman, but also the plight of millions of others. Women's rights means so many things...

  5. Thank you Sherry for writing this. It eases my shock at what goes on in this world, because you infuse hope at the end of your poem. And we musn't lose hope. Blessings to all the girls and women.

  6. Your voice has been heard, Sherry. Loud and clear ... Thank you for joining the millions who do care.

  7. I read about her too and was shocked at what is happening in that country ~ I hope that her situation will bring to light the plight of girls and women ~

  8. Amazing. Got chills reading your piece Sherry. I read about her too...what a fighter.

  9. If I am not mistaken, today has been decreed the "Day of the Girl." I heard this on TV this morning; so your poem is VERY fitting for the day.

  10. Sherry, this made me cry. Words fail me, but I am glad words have not failed you.
    Luv, K

  11. i never watch the news but for some reason did today and saw the report of Malala's shooting. i just don't understand how ANY human being, no matter how cowardly or ignorant, could do such a thing!

    a powerful poem, Sherry! thank you!

  12. That is the problem with the extremist of that religion. I hope this brave young girl recovers and carries on her fight for women's rights to education. She is a beacon of light and hope for all girls and young women now. The Taliban just proved they are all about suppression of female rights at all costs.
    Very touching Sherry.

  13. The news about this girl shocked the world. The Talibans feeling threatened by a 14-year-old girl-- where is this world headed to?

    Thanks for sharing this poem with us. <3 Hi Sherry... I'm back! ;)

  14. Oh Sherry, you are so right and your words ring loud, clear, and true. You speak for her and all of us who have been and would be silenced. Thank you,


  15. Extraordinary! A human travesty and tragedy.

  16. Sherry, what thoughtful words, chosen carefully for maximum impact. Thank you for sharing


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