Saturday, October 20, 2012

Waiting For the Magic

image is from google:

All the World's a Stage,
with me bumbling 
about on it,
like Ms Magoo,
tripping over my feet,
slapping myself 
upside the head,
muttering to myself.

Curtains get stuck 
on the draw-ropes,
opening and closing
at random moments,
dust thick
in the old theatre.

The audience 
grows restless,
shuffling their feet,
and rattling 
their programs.

They are
for the magic
to begin.

Me, too!

It appears my first posting of this came out in what can only be described as blank verse: white strips of what should have been printed words, but werent. Which just underlines the trouble I have with performing, hee hee. If there's a way to screw it up, I'll find it.

Mary is hosting at dVerse tonight and the topic is Shakespeare's All the World's a Stage. Do pop over. A lot of very talented people will be stopping by the bar. There is sure to be some very good reading.


  1. haha...i can feel the uncomfortableness of the crowd....but you know...i guess we should always be aware someone is watching, but i hope that does not dictate how we live know...smiles...

    hey your words are whited most likely copied and pasted this from somewhere...blogger attaches html when you do that from certain fix it you either have to delete the code or retype...

    sorry for being long winded, just trying to help...smiles.

  2. I thought this was ghostly verse...I am scared to perform in front of people but I too would like magic to begin ~

  3. Haha.... leave it as is! It's hilarious as it is... MAGIC indeed!

    All folks have to do is highlight to read... LOL Very clever, intentional, or not!

  4. Sherry...

    Ha, this made me smile, but sounds like what I would be like on a stage. Performing would not be my forte; and all those people rattling their programs would spook me even more!

  5. You know me ... I figured this was on purpose and perhaps that you were blotting out memories you wished Not to remember ... then I read Daydreamer's instructions. Well done!

  6. This is so funny, to me at least, who knows exactly the feelings that you describe with such great cleverness and wit. Thanks! I am still smiling. K.

  7. I like that you took the stage aspect of the prompt. I can identify with the way you describe yourself in this! Seems I am always bumbling along somehow.

  8. So fun. Too bad were not geographical could be fun to have an occasional play date!

  9. yeah...we're all waiting for the magic to begin...sometimes all of our lives...great nod to real life here sherry

  10. Sherry, you are magic. :) Love this!

  11. It describes what all us celebrities feel in the spotlight of fame!

  12. Hey Ho, this is brilliant! Great fun and highly giggle-worthy. Love it.

  13. I could be the leading man in this play! I still remember one of my first plays in high school. I walked out onto the stage, and something I did got an instant laugh from the crowd. I turned and sheilded my eyes from the lights, and stared out at them with a quizzical expression. That really brought the house down!
    Wonderful write! I love it!

  14. *chuckling* And I thought the magic was in the 'you figure it out' whiteness! LOL
    Ah yes--once upon a time I'da said that it was all drama. Now, I'd say it's a comedy.
    One must retain their sense of humour, eh?

  15. You crack me up... thanks for the early morning treat!

  16. Fantastic !! Great image of fumbling on stage. Such a nice break from all the lofty, idealist stuff. So real, so fun. Thanx.

  17. great take on the prompt... that was fun, sherry! xoxo

  18. You never fail to grab and hold my attention, Sherry. This time you do so with hilarity and alacrity. I laughed at the sight of you on that stage, ala Mr. Magoo. Then I smiled knowing that behind the scenes, you are who you are...

  19. They are
    for the magic
    to begin

    How often when one is prepared that things aren't moving fast enough. Frustrations can be very unsettling. Wonderful write, Sherry!


  20. i'm taking my seat now. can't wait to see the show! {smile}

  21. ha! this was so fun to read--great piece!

  22. Such a funny piece. Something new and puts a smile to the readers face. I can almost see how the magical stumbles on the stage.
    locked out


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