Friday, December 30, 2011

Wild Woman Hates Goodbyes

[Maxine character created by Hallmark's John Wagner - image from google]

On the eve
of the eve of 2012,
Wild Woman asks
the Big Question:
when is she going to
be done grieving?

She is taking longer
to get over
a wolf
than Jennifer Anniston
did getting over Brad Pitt.

She understands the grief cycle,
but seems to have misplaced 
the terms somewhere.
Either that,
or the processing equipment
is faulty.

There are days when
she begins to believe
the phrase "a no-brainer"
must have been coined
especially for her.

That's all right.
At least it proves her
short term memory
isn't completely gone!!


  1. hahaha nicely done! and love the cartoon there - this was great and true - "She understands the grief cycle,
    but seems to have misplaced
    the terms somewhere." - I think we all misplace some terms here and there - nice pop culture ref too! wishing you a happy new year!

  2. Be patent with your grieving process. Everyone's process is different and times are different. You cannot rush. I still think that you might benefit with another dog, all yours. Not shared with another. Not to replace Pup, but good therapy. I prob am fortunate I am limited to 2 dogs here.

  3. It takes as long as it takes, Sherry. No more, no less. Don't be so hard on yourself for caring so much. xx


  4. What Paul said. He said it perfectly.

  5. Yes, what they said. Everyone is different.

    Wishing you Happy New Year ~

    Thanks for all the support this past months ~

  6. Lol- I love Maxine. This is very creative, Sherry. Hope 2012 is good to you.

  7. Sherry, be gentle with yourself, allow whatever time that is required to allow you to move through the grief.

    I know how long it can take, how desperate, and lonely it can all be waiting for life to resume it's flow more harmoniously. It took me years to get over the loss of my beloved Blossom, and even now as the tree I planted her ashes under thrives, I wish that once more I could hold her close.

    Sending you many hugs, purrs (from the feline trio,) and ♥

    Have a wonderful 2012

  8. your writing has this strange mix of humour and pathos ... almost like Charles Lamb ...

    we love Wild Woman ... Wish you a happy and peaceful new year.

  9. I don't know.

    Long good-byes require letting go, but letting go with love, and that takes time. Allow yourself to feel, and as you are doing here, express your experience. Your love has much to teach us.

    I'll read you next year sweet sherry.

  10. There is no set pattern for grieving Sherry. Through difficulties after my late partner passed away, I didn't even begin to really start grieving for probably a year later. The only emotion I'd been living on constantly was fear. It can be a few weeks, or it can last a lifetime. All I can say is, that it's time that is the healer. Time brings distance, and helps to close the gaping wound. But, sometimes people grieve their whole lives. There is nothing wrong in that.
    We kept my little dogs ashes in a wooden jar with her little collar and name tag on it for a few years until we came to realise, it was just ashes we were keeping, nothing more. It is a process and, you are walking through it right now.
    Hugs to you and a Happy New year Sherry.

  11. Yes, go for your walk Sherry, you won't be alone. Hugs.

  12. First, Brad Pitt didn't die.
    Second, don't blame yourself. It takes what it takes, and that's what it takes.
    Love, K


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