Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Concert

Here's the face of a little lad who is bright as a new penny. Today I went to watch my great-grandson Damian in his first Christmas concert - he's in kindergarten this year. It is always so cute watching these concerts. I get a kick out of watching the teachers, who kneel in front of the kids animatedly and hystrionically doing all of the moves and gestures they want the kids to act out - sometimes dropping their heads into their hands in despair, sometimes just plain cracking up. As much fun as watching the kids! One teacher put such energy into her class's performance that her kids brought the house down. Such a joy!

Damian did very well, though he was a little on the shy side. They performed two concerts in one day, which seems to me like an exhausting schedule for little ones. I got tired just watching.

Christmas concerts remind me of Christmases past, when my kids were the ones in the concert, and when magic came to our house Christmas Eve once the kids went to bed and I set everything out under the tree. One Christmas Eve I was so excited I got the kids up at midnight and we had an orgy of gift-opening through the night. I didnt sleep at all that night, and by the time I cooked the dinner the next day I was exhausted. But what fun, when kids are young and Christmas is a magical time.

Damian's school is like a mini United Nations. I so love that. He is starting out being friends with kids from many cultural backgrounds and the wonderful thing is, at this age, kids dont see differences - they just see Other Kids. I so hope and pray this lasts their entire lives.

When I attend these concerts, it is great to see yet another generation of big-eyed children getting excited and happy about Christmas. It was fun to watch the various levels of confidence and shyness the kids displayed. At my age it is easy to pick out the kids who have lots of self-worth, and to spot those who need a lot more validation. Each single child just wanting to be seen and heard, each wanting to know they Matter. Each one wanting the eyes of the adults in their lives to light up when they walk into the room. To know they are special. And they are - every single one.

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  1. So true, Sherry. To know that they are special.....that is what it is all about. I will be attending both of my grandson's concerts this year (school and church). Last year I was able to attend either. He understood, but I am glad that this year I can be there for him. He IS special.


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