Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An aubade

The prompt at Real Toads is to write an aubade, which is a morning song of parting.
Timely prompt, as I have been thinking along these lines of late.

The pines, darkly shrouded
in morning mist,
line the river
like guardians of the wild.

The water roars its winter fury,
white spray tumbling
over rocks
and through the narrow
rock-walled chasm,
green with the river's passage,
all these years.

An eagle surveys all
from his perch atop
a giant cedar.

And me? I walk in sorrow
along your favorite river,
holding your leash
and still - always - missing you.

Do you feel me,
searching for your spirit,
lost in the absence
of your soft
padding footsteps
by my side?

How many sad walks
along the river
will it take
before there are no tears?
Your being gone
is still too big
an absence,
and it has nearly been
one year.


  1. So very touching, Sherry. I know how much you miss him. And. I do hope he makes his presence known.

  2. aw, sherry. this line says it all for me: "I walk in sorrow along your favorite river."

  3. It is a special relationship that we have with is like they are pieces of heaven here on Mary said I hope he makes his presence known Sherry.

  4. He has never left your side. Not the same at all but, he must miss you every bit as much as you miss him, too. A lovely tribute to your boy.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to a special friend. The close-up of your pup gave me a start - his doppelganger lives at my house I think ... I try not to think of the day he won't ... great poem.

  6. I too have lost beloved animals, and I know that I know that I know, ad infinitum, that our pets are waiting for us in heaven. After all, it is a perfect place. Our Heavenly Father gave them the breath of life and has provided for our complete, inexpressible joy up there. I send you a hug. The poem made me cry, but even more importantly it made me want to minister a little to you this afternoon

  7. The emotion in this piece evoked the first and most visceral reaction, Sherry. But then I also am swept up in the beautiful scenery and all of the sensory stimulation your imagery conjures. You are one of the best at painting the physical scene. Beautiful work on all levels.

  8. Oh yes, Sherry, I could see you and Pup walking together. I haven't seen your coast, but I've seen enough of The Island to be able to imagine everything from your description.
    I know how much you miss him, because it hasn't been long. I still miss long-gone pets, especially my special best friend, my cat Hermie, who was as much like a dog as a cat could be, and as much like a person as an animal could be.
    Your poem is beautiful, and so is your love for your friend.

  9. the tears may came forever but change from sorrowful to bitterweet.

    i hope 2012 brings you many smiles!
    ♥ dani

  10. Your grief is so raw and intense. It is beautifully exemplified by the imagery.

  11. Yes, Sherry, when you or anyone writes from a place of deep feeling it is always the best! This is truly one of your best!

  12. Your lines resonate with me in sadness and longing...I love it~

    Happy Holidays to you and your family ~

  13. Beautiful images of nature to surround your present grief... and grief always seems to intensify at this time of year.

  14. Aw, Sherry, I'm so sad for you. I know how much you miss your boy. But I truly believe that he is there with you, and always will be. I wish you peace, my friend.

  15. Sherry, beautiful writing. Bon courage.

  16. Sometimes there is just no end to goodbyes.


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