Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Dog

Good morning, kids. This is bad little Blakey, who keeps the memory - and obstreperous behavior! - of Pup alive at our house. He is registering the same offended dignity that Pup did at donning the Christmas hat. But he looks so cute we just cant help it. He has a new red and white collar with bells too this year.

At my house, this morning, Il Divo is singing Christmas tunes, there is a foggy morning outside which tells me both sides of the island are sunny and glorious, we expect snow somewhere over the weekend, and I need to start getting packages ready to send away.

Christmas is such fun!


  1. I always loved Christmas, too, Sherry. Maybe I'll get a collar of bells for Lindy, because I've decided to have my dear but Jewish husband get my little artificial tree out of the cellar this year. I want to put decorations on it. My niece and my brother and my friends had trees up in their homes in White Rock and I want to have one, too. Maybe I'll have him bring up my small Victorian village, too. I've decided to donate the larger Victorian houses to the church because I have nowhere to put them any more.
    Give Blakey a hug from me and a wurfle noise from Lindy!

  2. Blessings to Blakey in this Christmas season. What would we do without our animal friends!!

  3. Hang in there Blakey! At least you don't have antlers.......... yet! :)


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