Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Singing Bird

[image from google]

At Ella's Edge, I found  this lovely Chinese proverb, lovely to ponder, on a snowy morning in December. May your day be a bright one and, at day's end, may you return to a warm and lighted home, where loved ones celebrate your return.

Keep a green tree
in your heart
and perhaps
the singing bird
will come.


  1. This really a heart warming thought...thanks for sharing this ~

  2. Beautiful, Sherry.
    I love Ella's outlook on life, don't you?
    And keeping the green tree for the singing bird is a wonderful thought.
    I was talking about you the other day. Lynette mentioned how much your friendship means to her, and I told her the "went to different schools together" story.

  3. What a true blessing of love.
    Simple words, always warm the heart ♥


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