Friday, December 23, 2011

Running Free in the Forests of Heaven

Running free in the forests of Heaven
is how I see you,
tail and ears up
and that old wild gleam
in your eye.
I never tamed you.
I never wanted to.
We both loved the wild,
and I honored it in you.

Those big puppy paws,
I hope they're lolloping along
miles of sandy beaches,
dipping in and out
of the waves,
the way you always did,
impervious to my calls
as you always were,
until you were done,
and then back you'd come,
galloping along
to me.
You'd pick up a piece
of driftwood
as we left,
and carry it to the car,
for remembering.

Now I am the one
who is
And one day,
when it's time,
old wilderness pal of mine,
may you come lolloping
back to me
to guide me safely home.

There are only three things
I need to see in Heaven -
the first is you,
and old growth forests,
and the sea,
so we can walk those trails,
hike endless sandy beaches,
and watch the sunset, once more,
you and me.


  1. Yes - my dog Bonnie is buried in my forest. She'll hit the beaches with pup someday, and romp through a "real" forest!


  2. They're all in dog heaven with my yellow lab, the best dog ever!

  3. It's hard to believe he won't be coming for you, Sherry, so I'm sure he will. I just hope it isn't any time soon.
    Luv, K

  4. Beautiful, Sherry! I have three dogs there: Corky (my childhood dog); Dixie and Bear (adulthood dogs). If they aren't waiting for me in heaven, and if Pup isn't waiting for you, what kind of heaven could it be? I hope we all can walk those trails together, Sherry. I believe, I believe, I believe.

  5. He will be there, waiting and guiding you to run with him, wander and discover the beauty that will behold you~ Sherry, this was wonderful! I second what Kay said,
    "I just hope it isn't any time soon"

    Happy Holidays to you n' yours~

  6. Sherry, I've been thinking about your "return" to such vivid memories. I know you never forget, but the remembering gets so strong sometimes that it makes me wonder. Could Pup be trying to tell you something? Maybe he's asking you to offer all this love you still have to another, a dog who needs someone to save his life, to take him to the beach and into the woods, someone to give him the freedom Pup enjoyed, freedom from a cage.

    Just a thought.

    Peace, my friend.

  7. oh Sherry this is so touching ... but know what you dont need to go to heaven to be with him ... he is always there with you , in memories, in small things that you do for others, in all those other dogs around you... watching over, loving you.

  8. I think this is your best poem yet, Sherry.


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