Friday, December 9, 2011

City Streets

The Vancouver skyline at night - from Google

for the Thursday Think Tank prompt: The City

Night after night,
she walked the city streets,
lookingly longingly
in lighted windows.

A man brings a woman
a cup of tea.
She looks up from her book
and smiles.

What must that feel like?

In search of Home,
she walks on,
miles and years of walking
city streets,
looking in at other lives,
longing for a place
for her heart to land.

Turned out she had been
carrying home around
inside her
the whole time.


  1. Beautiful, Sherry, and the last stanza removes the pain induced by the previous ones. Whew.
    There, but for the grace of God, go I.
    Luv, K

  2. So sad, Sherry. This poem almost makes me weep. Yes, one can carry one's home within one's heart, but truly we all deserve more than that.

  3. Very real — and I like the surprise ending.

  4. Such a true poem somehow -- with many applications. Lovely really.

  5. Sad, but much truth...the whole time I was picturing someone homeless..

  6. SPECTACULAR!!! O-h-h-h...

    My hubby is a truck-driver. He misses home the most as he drives through towns catching briefest glimpses of family-life through lighted windows...

  7. This one really got to me. I worked with such folk for a while. Your poem struck the right note to bring it all back.

  8. Beautiful! and so true. Until we are at home with ourselves, we will never feel at home with others.

  9. been carrying home with her the whole time...what a warm the scene in the middle as well and her musins on it...i love the city personally...

  10. love love love the conclusion - exactly! and I think you were telling my story, only I never lived in Vancouver... gorgeous night skyline shot BTW


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