Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Dogs Must be Blogged

This little girl, Penny Joy, is the new light of Lisa's life. Such a sweet little face! She arrived as "the best Christmas present ever" from a dear friend of Lisa's, after her former person, sadly, died unexpectedly. She is eighteen months old, and from what I have observed, has made the transition to fully bonding  with Lisa very easily.

I went over to visit her yesterday with a little bag of doggy treats and toys for her, which she took immediate possession of, warning the kitten away with a few muttered little grrrrr's in the back of her throat. But then she and the kitten raced and tumbled around like two puppies. So adorable.

Here is Blakey, who kept his hat on for one-second intervals, while being tempted with liver bits, in a rather wild attempt to get one functional photo.

Noella, so named because she was a Christmas puppy thirteen years ago, wearing the obligatory antlers. Noey is showing signs this may be her last Christmas, sadly. We will make it such a good one.

I cant wait to give them all their new stuffies - a talking pig and a singing pig among them! There will be excitement at Dogs R Us, this Christmas Eve!


  1. I love the Christmas doggies! How cute!

  2. Love those pictures, Sherry!! I'm sure you will be sure that they each are 'merry' on Christmas this year.

  3. Wonderful dogs, Sherry. A puppy and a kitten together — oh, I've always loved that!
    You mentioned toy pigs and I just realized Lindy's toys haven't been seen for a while. I hope they aren't buried in the snow, as she always wants to take them outside with her.
    Looking forward to puppy/kitten/dog/Sherry Christmas photos.

  4. Very cute, thanks for sharing the joy.


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