Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Free Tibet

Boddhisattvas at the roof of the world
breathing peace through daily prayer,
revering your exiled leader,
the Ocean of Wisdom,
hold fast to your prayerful ways.

May your words rise
to the heavens
on the winds of change,
like prayer flags fluttering
in the breeze.
May your right to your own
religion, identity
and autonomy
be recognized and assisted
by the world community.

May no more monks' heads
be bloodied.
May no more
prisoners of ideology
be tortured.
May no more self-immolations
cry to the heavens
of the need for
justice and self-government.

May Tibet be liberated.
May the Panchen Lama be
released and returned to his people.

Free Tibet.
Long live the Dalai Lama.

Notes: I watched Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion last night. Holy beings, monks, tortured and bloodied,
an invasion of a small country by a major power's army, children taught in school to report their parents for their religious beliefs. Lhasa, the Holy City, transformed to a place of commerce. Secretly held photos of the Dalai Lama, illegal but treasured at great personal risk. No assistance or backing from the rest of the world. In fact, our governments trade with the occupiers. Money rules.

But I still believe the spirit liberates. I see it in the eyes of the monks, burned and bloodied, but their heads and fists raised high : Free Tibet.


  1. How very sad, Sherry! I will be hoping that something will change, that people will be freed!

  2. This is a sad state...but yes China rules with her might and greed. I hope one day the peaceful citizens and Dalai Lama find their rest and place ~

    Meaningful share ~ Happy New Year ~

  3. hear, hear!! "May your words rise
    to the heavens
    on the winds of change,
    like prayer flags fluttering
    in the breeze." - so well written!

  4. My sister sends me some beautiful power point presentations. One she sent me recently was about a modern railway that had run all the way from Bejing (I think) to the biggest city in Tibet. It showed all the people on the train, very lovely scenery etc etc ... and I was enjoying it until it launched into "look what we've done for these people" and attacked the Dali Lama for being a liar, a revolutionary who wanted to stir up the people and lies for the USA and explained how Tibet had always been a part of China over 2000 years ago. So, I watched it all to see if it would change my mind about it but, it was all simply biased and unadulterated clap trap Chinese propaganda. So, I never sent it on to anyone else because I too believe Tibet should be free and feel sad that all the monks and nuns self immolate for freedom for their tiny oppressed country. I have no doubt if the Dali Lama was not safe in exile, the powers that be in China would 'disappear' him and he would never be seen or heard from again.
    A deeply moving piece from you Sherry.

  5. Beautiful Sherry...may all beings be free one day...may we all know peace and lovingkindness, compassion and friendship and share these precious gifts with everyone we meet.

  6. Yes, may all be free. There is a book called Sky Train by Canyon Sam, about that train into the heart of Lhasa, which has been transformed from a holy city to a place of commerce, no Tibetans in sight. Another good film about Tibet is What Remains of Us, about a young Chinese woman carrying a recorded message from the Dalai Lama to his people inside Tibet. She took it secretly into their homes and played it for them - the eyes of the elderly people as they watch and listen to the message of their beloved leader is just heartbreaking.

    I am so taken by the Dalai Lama's quote:
    "When I observe beings of wicked nature, may I hold them dear, as a precious treasure." I am definitely not "there", by any stretch of the imagination. But I so admire that he is.

  7. I have now watched that film that you recommended and it was fascinating, inspiring and deeply sad all at the same time... I so feel for those people.

    A beautiful poem of encouragement, Sherry.


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