Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas from Ming

This old gal, ten years old, was about to be euthanized
at the SPCA because no one adopts ten year old cats.
But we do!
Lori brought her home,
where she immediately expressed
her gratitude for
and appreciation of the comfy setting
and the good eats.
She's a very affectionate girl
who loves
living with dogs.
So sometimes, boys and girls,
life gets it right, hee hee!


  1. Sherry, this truly warms my heart, brings tears to my eyes. (I can't imagine Tulip and Violet embracing a cat, but am glad that your dogs do.) Many blessings to Ming and to you.

  2. Oh Sherry, she looks so much like Dick's old cat, Igor, who lived to be 20.
    Dick's family had him from a kitten, but his ex was going to have him euthanized.
    Dick was in a panic. "What do I do?"
    I said, "You go to Red Deer and bring him home." He asked what about Ava (my old cat) and I said we'd figure it out.
    Ava was thrilled, actually, and after a few days of baby-gate separation and two litter boxes, she ran up and rubbed noses with him. He was horrified. He had been the terror of his neighborhood, and no one had ever rubbed noses with him, so he yowled and hissed and ran under a table. Ava trotted along behind him, still wanting to be friendly, and there was much back-and-forth hissing and yowling for a minute, then she came out and never spoke to him again.
    But they co-existed for several years until she died at 15, and he lived to be 20.
    I'm sure Ming will be very happy this Christmas.

  3. A beautiful feline!

    Ming, dong, Ming, dong,
    that is her song,
    With joyful Ming
    all caroling!

    (Carol of the Bells) :)

  4. Bless her wee soul, she found her forever humans, oh, and dogs♥

  5. That is wonderful! Bless you all. x

  6. I adopted a cat from a shelter that was overflowing...she is a wild one, and does love the Christmas Tree.


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