Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weary Wolf Woman

[image from groundframed.com]

Wild Woman has been traveling for a long time.
She is weary from starting over again,
decade after decade,
lifetime after lifetime.

Somewhere, through this journey,
she began to Wake Up,
to travel more consciously,
to align herself with her inner wisdom,
which tells her she must evolve
this lifetime,
or be doomed to march in place
for yet another.

Wild Woman asks for guidance,
for assistance,
not so much in knowing which path to take,
(for the present path is the right path,
it is the Path That Is,)
but for the ability
to fully inhabit the present,
to integrate it with all of her pasts,
to ready herself for the merging
with all consciousness
that awaits
between worlds.

If Wild Woman can climb high enough
to see over the slippery mountain
of her life, and down the other side,
if she can align herself with evolving energies
and souls around the world,
this might be her finest contribution 
for the benefit of her  soul,
and for the planet.

Kids, the jury is out for me about reincarnation, though I am open to just about every theory possible on this planet. I have experienced some past-life memories which make me suspect my soul has lived in other bodies before this one. Right now I am reading Same Soul, Many Bodies by Brian Weiss, M.D., the author of Many Lives, Many Masters. It was sent to me by a dear friend.

The doctor is able to take patients back to former lives and even, in some cases, advance them into future lives. What he takes away from this is that if we evolve, our souls move forward with each lifetime, and that we choose the families and lives we undertake for the lessons we most need to learn. (In my case, I had to learn the same lessons many times. I am a slow evolver!) He says if we do not learn, we simply march in place, until we finally get the picture and begin to live more consciously.

He says, "We are eternal. Our souls will never die. We should prepare [for this]. If we prepare, our souls will move up the evolutionary scale, come closer to healing, come closer to the higher state. If we don't, we will recycle our present lives - in effect, march in place- and postpone to a future life the mastering of the lessons we might have learned in this one....... 

"If we can accelerate the healing process, the evolutionary process,  that is the most therapeutic action we can take, the best thing we can do, not only for our own souls, but for everyone in the world. This is what I have learned from my patients."

Do you feel time accelerating, as so many of us do? Do you feel the global consciousness trying to evolve, to rise up out of all of the discord so often caused by differing religions and beliefs, the great longing for peace and unity across this planet?

I take heart from all of this. We are a highly evolving, if often misguided, species.
This means that Peace is always Possible. Let us, consciously and lovingly - and hopefully - Occupy This Planet.



  1. Namaste ... I am so very tired today. I am able to relate to all that you stated above. :))

  2. I totally believe about half the time. History just seems to say the opposite of "Peace is Possible" but we have to keep on anyway.

  3. I too feel so much the acceleration of the planet. Time itself seems to be speeding up. I wonder if it too has a significance in that all of the planets are warming, not just earth. No matter how far away they are it is all connected isn't it.
    I sure hope I get it right in this lifetime, goodness knows what it would be like in the next one here on earth. Maybe we don't come back here anyways. Lots of food for thought in this Sherry. Great post.

  4. One can always work for peace, even if only in one's small corner of the world. Nice post, Sherry.

  5. Really like your thought process in this piece Sherry. I, like you, take a bit from here, a dash of this and that from what surrounds me. Somehow, they all manage to live inside. If that's possible in one or two, it is possible for many.



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