Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Shift

Here's a treat for you this morning , kids. I am tangling with bureaucracy these days, in all of its cumbersome inefficiency, so as usual the universe sent along exactly the message I needed to hear last night, in the form of a dvd I borrowed from the library: The Shift, with Dr. Wayne Dyer. I always enjoy listening to Wayne and, this time, his message is couched in a drama, which shows the effect of a shift in consciousness on the people involved in the film. Plus it was filmed on the ocean, so was a treat for me to watch.

As I watched, my mindset, which had been like that of a cat up a tree yowling at the moon, calmed and restored itself and I went directly from "I cant possibly survive till this situation gets fixed", (ego/fear/conditioning), to "I am and will be all right. I have all I need and, indeed,  more than millions do, in the comfort and stability of my little room."

I jotted down some of the quotes that impacted me most, for you to enjoy this morning with your cup of coffee. Hop aboard!

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Get out of your own way, and let what is meant for you arrive.

We take this step into the afternoon of our lives...with the false presupposition that our ideas, ideals, beliefs of our morning will still serve us as hitherto. But we cannot live our afternoon according to the precepts of life's morning. For what was great in the morning, will be little by evening. And what was true in the morning, by evening will be a lie.

You begin to recognize that there's a powerful organizing intelligence that supports all things. It is in all things and it is working in you and for you. When you are connected to the Source, it's like the intelligence is telling you "Play the music you were sent here to play. Don't die with your music still in you."

Forget the ego; reach out and serve others. It is always about serving.

You don't attract what you want. You attract what you are.

One of  the things that happens when you move away from ego is your move from a sense of entitlement to a sense of humility. We ask, "How can I want something more for someone else than for me?" Instead of  "What can I get?" ask "How can I serve?" The universe will respond by giving back to you.

The ego is your false sense of self. Your authentic self is way beyond the ego. Once you step back, detach from outcome and become the observer, you're no longer the one making things happen, you're waiting for them to show up. Then you're living in process, trusting the Source.

You're not here to struggle. You're here to enjoy and be at peace. That is what is meant for the afternoon of your life.

As Hafiz wrote, "Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth: 'You owe me.' Just think what a love like that can do. It lights up the whole sky."

A sense of purpose comes in serving others. Live in a way that  the world is a better place for your having lived.from changing your lif
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  1. Indeed, a wow moment. Our will is driven by our ego and once we can actually begin to start opening our eyes ... really opening them to that which cannot be 'seen' and we surrender our ego our will to try to control, we allow life to simply just be.
    You get back what you give out. Isn't it a wonderful thing to have your eyes look at something in a whole new light and bham, it all suddenly makes sense again.
    Glad it happened for you from watching this Sherry.


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