Monday, November 7, 2011

A Monk, on the Occupy Movement

Kids, in clicking through the peace bloggers who posted for the Blogblast for Peace on Friday, I came across this most arresting (no pun intended) video. This Ananda Marga monk, Dada Pranakrisnananda, is one of the most reasonable and balanced people I have heard speaking about the Occupy movement.

The peace blog where I came across this clip can be found at

The blogger, Richard Ball, wrote the most reasonable, balanced, and best-considered post on peace that I came across this weekend. He made his own trek for peace by entering the desert - literally - and learning to internalize peace, which he now takes into his classroom working with troubled youths, where by simply Being Peace, he exposes them to a peaceful energy perhaps they have not experienced before.

Peace spreads. It is an energy, a way of being. Richard writes that the Occupy movement, to be successful, must proceed with love and shared humanity, not anger - the anger to which our society is so accustomed.

In my lifetime, I made a similar journey for peace, by stripping away everything in my life that was not peaceful. I found much with which to resonate on Richard's blog. And the monk, Dada, demonstrated, in the most peaceful way possible, a way to resist the status quo, which seems to know no other way to meet the peoples' protest than the old ways of force and oppression.

An interesting read, this morning, kids, and some inspiration for the journey.



  1. Somehow I didn't manage to post my Peace Message on 4th and couldn't do so during the weekend. I will do it in a different way, though.

  2. this is to be shared! thank you for pointing it to us :) x

  3. Dear friend,

    These words: "Peace spreads. It is an energy, a way of being" are so very true. I hate admitting this but I do not naturally carry peace within. My husband calls me his "warrior" or "warring one" ... always ready to do battle. But I truly do understand the efficacy of those words.

  4. Oh, I totally agree... one must first have peace within. Thanks for sharing, Sherry.

  5. Yes, all must begin within; then with one's family members. One cannot expect the world or one's country to work things out if one cannot work things out with oneself and people in one's own environment.

  6. Just when I should have been focusing on a peace post, turmoil charged in and took over. Internal peace eludes me.

  7. Lovely post and a video worth sharing!

    Best peace blessings. :-)

  8. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, Dadaji is an inspiration in all ways about how to face adversity with powerful grace! Shanti to you as well!


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