Saturday, November 12, 2011

Siberian Winter of the Heart

How many times can a heart break?

Many times,
until it freezes
like a Siberian winter
so it won't be hurt again.

But the thing about winter is,
it ends.

The sun warms,
the flowers open their blooms,
petal by petal,
and, despite itself,
little by little,
it melts,
and dares to
love again.

For Poets United's Thursday Think Tank prompt: winter


  1. I just learned something about this yesterday, Sherry. Did you know wood frogs in Ontario crawl under big piles of fallen leaves and spend the winter frozen? Then in early spring, they thaw in time for an early mating season.
    Okay, a trifle mundane for your beautiful poem, but I just had to share it as I only learned it yesterday.
    Your poem is much prettier than a wood frog, but...

  2. Yes, Sherry. Winter always ends. The ice always melts. The cycle of life continues, and the world will green up once more.

  3. Lovely, much punch in these few words... And it's well to remember that a heart that can't break is a dead one (took me an age to get to that point).

  4. nice response to the prompt.I esp. like the ending.

  5. Hi Sherry, the first half is really tight and sets up the second half so well, thank goodness for the thaw.

  6. I love the first half. The picture placement between the two parts also really strengthens the entire piece.


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