Sunday, November 27, 2011

The River Wild

She walks by the river wild
in floating mist,
the ancient cedars  tall and dark
against gray skies.
She hears a branch snap sharply underfoot
and senses a sudden movement
from the corners of her eyes.

Gray shifting shapes
are flitting through the trees,
silent and watchful,
heads and tails aloft.
Gray wolf family
elusive, wild and free,
dogging her every step
with footfalls soft.

The water roars its song
and fast away
the wild creatures run
to the safety of their den.
Tonight they'll howl
their wild song to the moon
Tomorrow the forest
will be  theirs again.


  1. Beautiful, Sherry. You do have the spirit of a wolf down pat I sent your book recommendation in this behalf.

  2. Beautiful. Wolves have always been so badly abused and mistreated by we humans.

  3. I think about Pup ... mine and yours. I think about my True Friend Shadow Wolf, and how closely that wolf and raven are linked. Pup is close by.

  4. Beautiful, Sherry, and I love the photo, too.

  5. You sound like a true daughter of the moon. Isn't it so good of the wolves to share their home with us? Lovely piece.

  6. Nobody captures the wild quite like you Sherry...this is stunning! :-)

  7. captured it wonderfully...

  8. I love this Sherry! annell

  9. Time trails slowly... each tick of the clock. annell


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