Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Message from Mr. Dog

[Pup's last time at Great Central, summer of 2010]

Wow. Was just talking to my son, Jeff, who listens to a higher frequency than is accessible to the rest of us and, as always, he blew me away with what he had to say.

Jeff has been exploring astral projection of late, and he told me the other night he visited Mr. Dog. (We often, in his later years, called Pup Mr. Dog). Jeff also saw the last cat he had, and Snoopy, the dog we had in Kelowna, who died when she was thirteen in Tofino, and who was very close to Jeff.

I tend to be cautious, personally,  about things like astral projection, likely in fear I might not return to my body in time for breakfast. But I dont discount others' experiences and am open to pretty much anything - the entire universe is bathed in mystery. Anything is possible.

My immediate question was "Did he give you a message for me?" And Jeff said that there was no specific message, but they exchanged a lot of love and that of course Pup loves me. I told him next time he sees him to tell him I miss him.

I miss him more than anyone or anything in my entire life. It was like, this lifetime, my soulmate came wearing black fur. Truly. He had near-human intelligence and we connected on a visceral and psychic level. Perhaps a connection from past lives - it's the only explanation I have for how hard his death hit me. In a life full of losses, this one has been the hardest to withstand.

Jeff says Pup is full of love for me and knows I love him.  Jeff told me to just talk to him and he will hear me.

Jeff says Pup is very happy and vibrant and full of ecstasy, and that made me happy. No more pain. He was in terrible pain his last years, but he kept on living, for my sake, longer than he might have. I know he didn't want to leave me.

So I have had yet another cry about how much I miss that wonderful creature. What joy he brought to my life.


  1. I don't know what to say, except of course he loves you.
    This gave me goosebumps, Sherry.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. I love you Pup, I miss you Goof. I cherish every day with my Luna and Kittyn. I love you Sherry.

  3. Of course he still loves you and is probably never very far from your side too. You just can't see him anymore but his love is still very much a part of you as yours is for him. I believe there is so much more to this universe than most humans can fathom. Some learn how to use our 'gifts' more than others and can reach those higher levels. We tend to be skeptical of that which we don't understand. If you know your son to be sane and logical, I would tend to belive he is totally sincere.
    Awww you will meet your boy again Sherry, one day.

  4. Thank you for reminding all of us that there is so much more beyond our narrow understanding. The depth of your sorrow is felt on many levels,


  5. Bond of love strong sweet
    is for ever,alive or not.


  6. My Josephina (an angel soul covered with fur!) has been gone for two years and I still miss her terribly - she was always there with a purr and a miauow. She still is though, because I feel her with me often. Luckily I still have HRH Theodorable to keep me company in the ordinary world. :)

    Judy, South Africa

  7. Sherry,

    You must know that Pup loves you, as does the spirits of all your previous pets. If one can find such love for an animal in life, it will be returned in abundance. I think you will always sense a closeness to the spirits of all those that we have loved and those we now miss the most. There is an unbroken bond.
    It is good that you can share your sorrow and joy through your poetic words Sherry. A very positive means of handling those testing times in life.
    Best Monday Thoughts,

  8. I am agnostic in all things. There is so much that we (even those who know it all) don't know. If you feel Pup's presence, then he is there. If you feel his love, it's because he loves you. And there it is.

  9. A beautiful post, Sherry. I have no doubt that Pup loves you from the other side. Continue to talk to him, as he will hear.

  10. I will need more indulgence on astral projections too. It is encouraging to learn that Pup is in an upbeat mood where he is. That is the connection we have. It is well with him. It is also well with you.


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