Friday, November 11, 2011


Just clicked online and MSN has a front and center report on my home page that raised my Irish.

Wall Street bonuses are "set to PLUMMET", the headline says. Purportedly,  CEO's accustomed to receiving bonuses (as in on top of huge salaries) from one to 20 million, will have to make do with a reduction in bonuses of up to 20%.

Oh boo hoo. However will they manage?

Just shoot me, says the old age pensioner, whose pittance is taxed so severely that 26 days of every month are a struggle for survival.

But not to worry, kids, the report assures us that SOME of the top dog execs will still "easily clear 8 figure 'bonuses' ", in this time of "supposed restraint", so all is not lost.

The only restraint being shown is that the Occupiers are not flogging these guys in the town square.



  1. First, LOL @ the lolcat!

    Second, yes public floggings are much too good for them.

  2. Indeed some things are in need of change, Sherry


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