Thursday, November 24, 2011

Joy Rising

Just look at these two beautiful faces! My older daughter, Lisa, and the new addition to her family: Penny. Penny is one year old and her Person died suddenly two days ago. So sad. A mutual friend called up Lisa and asked, "How would you lik the best Christmas present ever?" and Lisa said "Sure!" She is always ready for magic to happen. And the magic is Penny!

Some years back, Lisa had a darling smart little Yorkie called Hope, who bolted out the door one day and was hit by a car out in front of her house. Lisa was devastated and since then has been offered other dogs but none of them  was the right one. It takes a special one to fill Hope's shoes - and this little girl is very special. She and Lisa's small kitty are making friends, too.

Yay! Nothing like a new pup for Christmas. Hmmmm.....small Santa hats....squeaky balls........special soft bed...........yippee!

Penny, you are sooooooooooo welcome! We have been waiting a long time for you. Kids - dont open a door without first finding out where Penny is!!!!!!!

Here is Milo, who has been needing a companion............he is very interested in the new arrival. Now he wont be lonely:)

Happy Days!!!!


  1. I wish I could take Milo, but I can't. I hope he finds a home.

  2. Penny looks like a sweet dog, and I bet Milo and she will get along. I can't imagine either of my two getting along with a cat though. LOL.

  3. Wow ... that is a great thoughtful present for Christmas....
    Very happy for you and family Sherry..

  4. Very Cool - my temple cats and dogs fight...what is the secret?


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