Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lover of the Sky

[New Zealand sunset from Our Beautiful World and Universe]

[Poets United's Thursday Think Tank prompt this week is: Who Am I? I had already written the answer to this question a few years back, so here it is, with apologies to anyone who has already read it. It is probably the poem that  best says who I am that I have ever written.]

January 31, 2002

I am a lover of the blue sky.
Perfect clouds
like a dream sail by;
of a green walk in the wild wood;
of tall trees dripping on me
where I stood;
of mist rising up
where the river bends;
of the small sweet song
of a striped-headed wren.

I am a lover of the burning flame
lit for world peace
in hearts the same.
I am a lover of the morning sun,
already radiant
the day begun.
I am a lover of the whale, leaping,
of the blue, blue hills
in the sunset sleeping.
I am a lover
of the eagle's cry,
who sweeps and soars
without a Why.

I am a lover
of life alone,
of the heart's peace
when it's at home.
I am a lover
of my old dog's smile,
of his warm brown eyes,
of his lack of guile.
I am a lover of the warm spring rain,
of the smell of earth stirring
to life again.
I am a lover of the ocean's roar,
of the sandy beach
stretching all before.
I am a lover of rock and log,
of driftwood shapes
looming through the fog.
I am a lover of clouds, of stars,
of the falling dark,
of soft guitars,
of the meadowlark,
of the summer breeze,
of days of struggle,
days of ease,
of heartfelt love
gone away too soon,
of goodbyes
under a slice of moon.

I am a lover
of fresh-cut grass,
of children's laughter,
of dogs I pass,
of babies all
innocence and rapture,
of the bent and aged
who tremble after,
of the falling leaves,
of a job well done,
and I am a lover
of beasts that run,
of water that moves
and creates its own way,
of the journey made
and the price I pay.

I am a lover
of brand new books,
those journeys that
I never took.
I am a lover of music that sings
songs of the heart,
the hope it brings,
and the flight of poems
for a brand new dawn
that knows this life
is Moving On.

Like the heron, stalk-still
at the water's edge,
makes a sudden leap
I am the same.Poised to dive
from a tilting ledge,
the horizon lit
with a golden flame,
I'm waiting
to hear
call my name.


  1. You are a true child of the universe Sherry.
    I wish the world were full of people like you and then it may not be in the big mess it's in these days.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and full of life! There were so many lovely lines I couldn't name them all. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Divine, both the image, and, the prose.
    I too am a lover of all, such a joyous life when one allows love to infuse all our moments.

  4. When it comes to listing things I love, I could go on for years. And I just might:)! Thanks, kids, glad you like it.

  5. What a wonderful lists of loves...great way to know you.

    Lovely share...Happy day ~

  6. I love all you listed! You make me want to write another poem! This was just wonderful~ You are a star in the midnight blue sky! xXx

  7. You are definitely a lover and all those loves call your name.

  8. Wow, quite a list, some truly beautiful thoughts and images, no doubt a reflection of the author. :D

  9. Hi. I like the flow of your words. These lines I like especially:

    "I am a lover
    of life alone,
    of the heart's peace
    when it's at home."


  10. Beautiful, Sherry. You haven't changed, only grown, since 2002.

  11. This is really beautiful!! Lovely words and expression indeed:)

  12. Maybe all that you love calls back your name..powerful skies are wonderful..Jae

  13. I am a lover of the burning flame -> this can be a poem in an of itself.

  14. You have a strong sense of self and express it beautifully. I admire your connectedness to the earth and its creatures.

  15. California Ink in MotionNovember 21, 2011 at 9:54 AM

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. See here for more details!

  16. You are a lover of LIFE, Sherry, and a beautiful reflection of gratitude and resilience.

  17. No wonder your name is "Sherry Blue Sky." A wonderful list of things you love, Sherry. You have characterized yourself beautifully and completely!

  18. we share many a similar things we love...books (old and new for me --- the smell, ah...), grass....all the life around me....of nature...of rocks & logs...and trees....and....smiles.

    visiting early in the Pantry....

  19. The repetition works really well in this. Much to love in it and of it.

  20. Hey, I read this before and still I love it ~ Love this specially the last stanza ~

  21. beautiful images .. love the last line.

  22. If they are not calling your name,then there is something wrong (with them.)

  23. Thanks Sherry for sharing this joy with us..feel so greatly happy by just reading the lines shining like multifaceted gems...

  24. Sherry, I see you not as the vertical heron that stands stockstill on the bank, [Do you ever?] but as the Heron that glides on the air, just above the surface, horizontally, without a sound, taking it all in and seeing where she can help]

  25. The part where you finish, where someone calls your name certainly hits the spot. Lovely images. I got reminded of Lord Byron's poem 'There is pleasure in the pathless woods'

  26. you are the lover of the universe, lover of life ... very beautiful poem.

  27. you are the lover of the universe, lover of life ... very beautiful poem.

  28. Sherrryyyy! Just saying what I hear out there--Susan, too, and my mother Dorothy (Dot dot dot dot ...) This is my first reading of this poem. I love it. How hard to name all the life we love, but the details here come close. It is all life that loves you back, detail by detail, Nature and God.

  29. A great poem, I enjoyed it very much.

  30. With all that love, I believe, your name is being whispered in it.

  31. Very uplifting, Sherry! Familiar ending...I did say it! This is poem for reading loud in the woods for all -all creatures to hear!!! Love :)xx

  32. i can see where you get the 'Blue Sky' in your name from. you are a true child of the universe. :)
    this is the first time i read this poem, and even if i am to read it again later, it will be as refreshing as the first read.

  33. This is truly you Sherry - a lover. How wonderful to radiate love from within your perceptions of this beautiful world. In the end - love is all, so your life is well spent. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thank you Sherry.

  34. Very nice...all wonderful things to love!

  35. I enjoyed reading this poem, a reminder that there are so many things to love about life and nature..and of course you would love the blue sky my friend..(smiling)

  36. oh what a beautiful you, have a nice Sunday, thanks for stopping over at my blog

    much love...

  37. wonderful litany of the beloved - beautiful - K

  38. Lovely write Sherry describes a wonderful person.

  39. I too am a lover of the skies on summer days, the fresh-cut grass and its cleanness, the eagle's cry which symbolizes power and all of the other stuff you mentioned in your poem. You are so wise!

  40. a perfect ode for nature...very touching, fantastic lines!

  41. Loving oneself is loving others who relate to us. There are many things that life may want to savor. Brilliant write Sherry!



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