Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wild Woman Is Back in the Game!

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YIPPEE! This morning the good folk at Shaw talked my sister through repairing my email situation. Thanks to all of you for being patient, and for hanging in.

Now my new email address will work - they promised! All the bounced back ones are apparently Lost Forever. With my luck, that means that Readers Digest tried to phone me in those few days to tell me I finally won the sweepstakes I have been entering for fifty-eleven years and, because I was out of touch, they have moved on to the next person:) Hee hee. should reach me now.

I am still unpacking but am getting there - today I should be mostly finished, then I can get busy writing again. And be in better touch with everyone!

Happiness! Plus I dont have to go anywhere today - it's just me and the doggers and all the hummingbirds. Oh, and a raccoon that showed himself boldly yesterday when Warren was out in the yard filleting the salmon. He got a fish head, because he looked cute, and hungry.  He is also dangerous to other critters, but hopefully he will not tangle with our dogs.

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  1. Glad things are straightening out, Sherry. Glad the phone call to the provider was helpful...and that you have today to enjoy just you and the dogs!


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