Monday, July 25, 2011

My New Nest

Well, kids, I finally have almost everything organized in my new place. Still a lot of office stuff and writing materials to organize, but that might very well be a winter project.

Ms. Jasmine, watching the world go by. She loves it here!

A cute, bright little kitchen, hung with my Tibetan pictures,
with cute little lights along the windows for nighttime.

From the sink, I look out towards the barn. Lovely.

Jas was posing so nicely, I took her photo!

My "office", with a wonderful photo of my beloved Tofino above my desk for inspiration, and my medicine shield on the left, for strength and Womanpower. Two women on their moon made this shield at the sundance one year. The woman who sold it to me said the braves who were dancing made wide detours around where the women were working on it, for fear  the women's power  would sap their strength.

The wall of bookshelves I have wanted all my life.
First thing I see when I open my eyes
in the morning.
My Tibetan singing bowl and prayer wheel are up top,
with a few other treasures.
Jasmine's bed and toys are in this corner.
She claimed this space from the first moment
and decreed that's where
her bed would go..

More shelves in the hallway.
Every space has to be utilized to the max. The effect is cosy,
and so far doesnt feel cluttered to me.
Everywhere I look
is something I love.

My TV and music corner.

My refuge - with my beloved Carmanah wolves poster above.

Pup has his special corner here, as he always will in my heart.
I love the wolves gathered round the candle, on the left.
My sage burning shell, eagle feathers, crystals and big prism
all honor him.
The window above is hung with prisms,
so when the sun shines I have a room full of rainbows.

It's Home.
All hung with prisms, and full of rainbows,
drums and music.
I am a lucky girl.


  1. Sherry,
    Thank you for your generosity, in sharing these wonderful images of your new home.
    It is indeed a home, as that is so obvious from the warmth, homeliness and welcome evident in those photographs.
    It seems Sherry, that right now you are surrounded by the love of all that you cherish so much, including the spirit of Pup.
    I wish you every happiness in your cozy little corner and that you for the view!
    Best wishes, Eileen :)

  2. How quaint and cosy! I have always believed that our homes are an extension of ourselves & your home is warm & inviting. It is like a warm cozy hug!
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with us.

  3. Wonderful to see your new nest Sherry. A fitting reflection for you. Full of colour, light, interest and rainbows too of course. ;-) x

  4. I was wondering and hoping you would show your new spot. New beginning with all that you love, and favorite memories, looks "just right," not too big, and not too small, but "just right." Reminds me of the little crab, inside his shell, perfect!

  5. Thanks for sharing this tour of your new home, Sherry. It's just short one African visitor on your doorstep.

  6. I like your nest, Sherry. It says so much about you. Very well organized. One thing missing in these pictures though is YOU!

  7. Wow! That is so wonderful. Every bit an extension of you, Koko. :) :)

  8. Yes, we surround ourselves in the things we love. I have prisms to let in rainbows too. My twin nephews bought me an old money tree at a flea market when they were about 12 years old. We happened to walk by and its' 'golden' leaves were blowing in the breeze and I said: "oh that's pretty" wihtout my realising it, they'd gone back to the stall and bought it for me. It was pennies but, it's travelled across the Atlanic from England to Canada and it's been with me now for maybe 15 years and is one of my most prized possessions because, it was given, with their love. I once wrote a piece about
    Love your nest, it looks comfy and 'home'

  9. I love it, Sherry...these rooms are so you! The bookshelves are stunning, and your kitchen is so wonderfully bright, with a door onto the deck no less...very posh...LOL.

    Jas is obviously content with the new arrangements, and I do like Pup's corner of love. Clearly, this is a year wherein good fortune is headed your way in abundance...:)

  10. It looks lovely, Sherry. Truly. And I love seeing Ms. Jas looking right at home, too!

  11. It's adorable!! So bright. I do miss the rusticness of your trailer....there. I'm done! Love the new place! Look forward to visiting.


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