Friday, July 29, 2011

Mystical Swimmer

[gray whale image from]

Mystical swimmer
in the timeless sea,
you travel
in the
amniotic sac
that carries
the DNA
of our entire

You have watched
our evolution
from sea to shore,
from crawling
to standing upright,
but we're living
with the land
no more.

we changed.
The Earth 
became "Resource"
and we have strayed
too far
from The Way
to even feel

We have
the fragile balance
of our
shared home,
stripping it bare,
and bombs
and warring
fill the air.

Your ancient eye
has watched it all.
This is why
your mournful song
is so full
of sorrow.

Your intelligence
is so vast
shamans and seers say
you have access to
the collective
and can even see
our tomorrow.

Please don't tell us.

We can surmise
from flooding rivers,
melting ice floes,
forest fires,
drought and famine,
a story
far too terrible,
a harvest
we have

Sister Whale,
what have we done
to our planetary home?
We have forgotten
basic truths
that once
were known.

Sing your mournful song.
Swim through
the murky sea.
we share
a heartbreaking

Let's leave
the future,
while we still can,
shrouded in


  1. Oh Sherry this is powerful and so well written. I agree do we really want to know her thoughts.
    I have begun a new blog to match my today. Oh I have been so busy with the paper I have neglected well things are calming with footwork laid down and delegating.
    miss you xx
    Oh you will love the name lol

  2. Yes, this is all so true. I think they and dolphins hold so much of our ancient history and, they do know so much more than we.
    We did so much better when we felt the world, alive. There Native tribes have always tried to teach us progressive whites that we need to be kind and give back what we take from Mother Nature with such greed and abandon.
    For every huge hole we blast into her to extract all of her riches, oil, gold, diamonds, gas, etc etc we leave her with great gaping wounds and replace it with, nothing and, that's not including all of the atomic testing the DENY they do but yet they still do (in secret) deep underground. Did you ever question that most huge earthquakes, tsunami's and Volcanic erruptions occur when North Korea / China etc have been 'testing' their nuclear arms.
    That's without the super powers now trying to 'control' the weather. They are trying to 'artifically' move the jet stream. They say The US and Russia and now China are all doing experiments to try and control the weather. They can creat huge super storms, cause flooding, or droughts with this Electromagnectic sound pulse waves. They're interferring with the ionosphere BIG TIME. Wonder why over 5000 birds all fell out of the sky in one go? Traumatised? Wonder why millions of fish all died in one go? The powers that be are messing with controlling the weather so that they can wage a war against an enemy state without their enemy even knowing what's happening. They cause a a sever drought/flooding, they ruin, produce, farming lands, enemy country's people starve, win a war without raising a weapon.
    Look into HAARP, they say it's to study weather but, the military is all involved, why if it's just to study the weather!
    Humans are the worst parasites this world has ever known (I think)
    Take a read of this.
    We live in a scary world these days because we are rushing headlong into whatever it is that (I call) the quickening.
    The cruel way we treat animals and use them for experiments is a huge sign of our lack of being civillised, even now.
    Sorry, but, your prose stirred up my ire at mans lack of humanity to this earth we need to help heal, if man is to survive.

  3. Well expressed sentiments, Sherry! You are such a communer with nature.


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