Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wild Woman's GPS

[image by T. McCracken at]

Wild Woman's
It is
its head
and sounding
just a tad

Is this
the Way?

Haven't we
been down
this road

[I must give a nod to Ellie for the idea
behind this snippet. She mentioned a
GPS recalculating on her blog last week.
I remembered two times when my sister
and I were following her GPS and it took
us half an hour in the wrong direction,
getting us hopelessly lost in the process.
Once at midnight when we were far from home and tired.
Not humorously at all,  recently in the news a couple's GPS system
took them down  the wrong road in the desert and the man lost his life,
disappearing as he tried to walk out for help. His wife, waiting with
the vehicle, was found just in time to save her life. Can't always trust


  1. I loved it and thanks for the nod! I am still trying to find my way. I am on a better path than before~ Yes, we usually do follow similar path, till we get brave and build a new road! xXx Well Done~

  2. I just know I would have a very difficult time without my GPS. Except today it took me on a wrong path...but still..


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