Friday, July 8, 2011

My Buddy

I carry pockets of treats
around the
hand them out to
all the dogs,
who wait for me
at their fences,
eyes trained
on my driveway.
I buy extra toys
for Jasmine,
mail stuffies
to the dogs of
family and friends.
It’s all
I miss you,
and all the treats
and toys
and dogs
in the world
cant ease
or fill
that empty place
that belongs
to you alone:

My wolf-Pup.


  1. I love it when you post anything about Pup, though I understand how much you miss him. Bosco just loves the toys you sent him. He says, woof, thank you to Mommy's friend Sherry!

  2. I completely understand this! I have 2 dogs, and I love them to death! I still miss the one that died several years ago and find myself thinking about the dog I had as a child quite often as well. We dog people really love our pups!

  3. what a lovely way to remember Buddy! ♥ i was fortunate to have Jazz, a Maine Coon cat, as part of my family for 17 years. he's been gone for over 4 years but he visits me in my sleep sometimes. thank you for sharing. ♥ dani

  4. I so wish my guy would visit me in my dreams, but he hasnt so far. He was such a Presence that he leaves a very big Absence behind.

  5. AWww, that's so sweet. I can totally relate. I have my dogs and they're not with me. The only hurtful thing in owning a dog is knowing that you'd lose them soon. But that hurt is worth taking because of the pure love and great memories that you have shared with them.

  6. Oh that is bitter sweet Sherry. A pet is an extension of family. My husband & I have lost 2 of the most beautifully natured dogs throughout the duration of our lives together & we still miss them and their unique personalities.

  7. he is with you ... forever ... and one day you will feel again his love for you. I know this. Sweet boy.


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