Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A True Princess

[image from google]

When we were little,
we were told
a true princess
was one whose foot
fit the glass slipper,
or the one
who couldnt sleep
if there was a pea
hidden under a stack
of mattresses
[image from google]

Thirty years ago
we fell in love
with the People's Princess,
who died too soon.

[Canadian Press photo]
This week
on the news
I have been watching
a true princess,
walking beside
her new husband,
son of
the Peoples' Princess.
Both young people
the qualities
of Princess Diana:
open hearts,
warm outstretched hands,
genuine interest
in the common folk
who line the streets
to catch a glimpse.
[Slave Lake, Alberta - Globe and Mail photo]

In their tour
of Canada,
they included
a stopover
in Slave Lake, Alberta,
home to
7000 people
whose town was destroyed
by wildfire in May.

I have been loving
watching the
warmth and character
of these two young royals.
After the dysfunction
the older generation
of royals
it is a pleasure
to see two happy
young people,
in love,
who can restore
some health
and dignity
to the palace.

In their warmth,
and reaching out
to the people,
I see Diana's
in them both.
She would
be proud.

True royalty
is not
a matter
of wealth
and tradition,
of pomp
and ceremony.
cannot be
it shines from


  1. This is all so true. Being from England I grew up with the royal family in the news every day for one reason or another. Diana was a breath of fresh air and her light was snuffed out way too soon but, what a wonderful lasting legacy she left behind in her two boys. I cried for a week non stop when she died. She would be so very proud of her eldest boy right now and his choice in his wife. Between them they have learned that they are only in that place of privilage because the little people elect for them to remain by their popularity winning over more so than the anti monachy groups.. (Thank goodness) what a fabulous future King and Queen they will be.
    This is a lovely tribute to them.

  2. Since I also grew up with the Queen as a constant in my background, I have delighted in watching Will and Kate refresh the weary House of Windsor. They are both so genuine, so empathetic, and so much in love that they are a joy to watch. Diane would be proud, indeed...:)

  3. I agree with your observations and watching this couple, especially Kate, is something akin to seeing Diana all over again and it warms one's heart. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Well said! A fairy tale come true!


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