Sunday, July 17, 2011

My First Wordle

Mary suggested I try a wordle today. I thought I hated wordles, but was amazed to see how quickly thoughts formed, when one has some words to work with. (Duh!) More examples of wordles can be seen at  The Sunday Whirl . I wrote mine, then went back to read the others. I see one other poet also sat in the balcony as I saw myself, as the words led that way.  But I didnt copy, honest:)

The Divine Illusion

I sit
in the balcony
on the edge
of life and death,
the celestial void.

Life is still
jostling my bones,
yet I await
of the Divine Illusion,
be it ominous,
or glittering
with emerald delights,
my fate
a simple
ordered by
the unseen
Divine hand.


  1. Excellent - unlike me, you're not moaning about the weather - you are much more positive!

  2. So glad you gave this a try, Sherry. I like it. Wordles often lead me down a path I didn't know I wanted to go. I think your ending is especially strong!

  3. What a lovely whirl of a wordle you weaved, too~!
    Wonderful and, glad you decided to give it a (pun intended) whirl :)

  4. Sherry, it is so nice to see that you decided to join the wordle club. This is a really lovely poem.


  5. Wow, what an excellent poem you wrote with a bunch of random words! This is beautiful.

  6. Sherry, welcome to the wordle gang! This is a terrific start to what will probably be a torrid relationship with wordle poems. ;)

  7. They do grow on you, after a while. Welcome aboard,


  8. I love this and enjoyed the similarities with several of my lines [your poem is more optimistic :)]. It's one of the things I enjoy most about the wordling is reading others' poems and seeing the similar and dissimilar paths we take.

  9. The words take you where they will. If you are new to wordles, all you need to do is keep this up and I see a new poetry book in your future.

  10. From 'my fate' you have a poem all of its own. Lovely.

    You did well for your first wordle! They are great fun to work with.


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