Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Indigo Child

[Rainbow Children or Indigo Children from]

Indigo Child,
you arrive
in tune with
the accelerated
of this planet,
to bring light,
and to show us
we need to
speed up
our energies
to assist
the transformation
of consciousness
that is trying
so hard
to occur.

With your gifts,
you bring light.
With your
you show us
the way.


  1. Sherry, this painting resides in my living room.It is one of my favorite paintings of all time. Diane and i always looked upon it as being a picture of 'children of the future.' Mixes of ethnicities. Some of my grandchildren look like children in this mix. It moves me greatly that you have shared this painting here...

  2. My first time viewing this beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mary, that is TRULY amazing. It leaped out at me when I looked on google because, I, too, believe in a rainbow race, some of whom are among us already, who are coming to lead us towards a brighter more peaceful future. Wow, that is REALLY amazing. I got it from google, it is the one that leaped out at me, because I, too, believe in a rainbow race, some of whom are here already, to lead us towards a more peaceful future.

    I notice more and more of these children, so gifted, far beyond their years in ease and Presence, old souls or angels, with such accelerated vibrations it causes a response in us just to see them and listen to their gifts. I had better go back and get better information about the artist.

  4. They look like aliens. Anime aliens.

  5. I like the image as well Sherry. Love that they are all smiling, even laughing. That is a promise of Joy in the future. Your poem echoes that promise.


  6. Beautiful, both words and picture. x

  7. There is a power in that picture and something beyond our realms. I cannot put a finger on it but it is so powerful.


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