Monday, July 11, 2011

The Boomers

I read somewhere online recently  that the Baby Boomer generation may be the first generation not to pass wealth onto their children (Maybe because all of us are totally broke?) The survey says we are spending our money on ourselves. Well, insofar as the old age pension covers rent and a few tins of cat food, duh!

Fewer than half of those surveyed thought it was important to leave an inheritance to the next generation. Likely the half that is still busy trying to survive ourselves.

To be fair, those surveyed were of a certain income level, who might, in fact, actually be able to afford to leave something behind. Me, I'm trying to learn how to weave seagrass so I can make my own eco-friendly casket, hee hee.

I think back to when we Boomers were young. Back in the Day,  when so many rejected the values of our parents' generation, rejected materialism, got high on love and peace vibes (okay, and many on other stuff too. Not me, though.) Voluntary simplicity, simpler lifestyles, communal living, make love not war, were the buzz words. Women were being liberated and consciousnesses were being raised. Corporate jobs were ix-nayed.

Some of us stayed that way all our lives, free spirits, adapting as best we could to the need to earn some sort of living, keep a roof over our childrens' heads and  KD and tuna on the table. No surprise we never "made it". We never really thought it was important. Not as important as how we were feeling, our personal growth, and living lives of meaning.

Some "sold out" and made money, did the whole suburban thing with two cars. Some of them had midlife crises and tossed it all up in the air at 40 or 50.

Sorry, kids. I would SO have liked to leave you some money, since we all have been hanging by our thumbs on the edge of a financial cliff our whole lives. I do, however, leave many books, cd's and movies, enough to entertain you into your golden years :) And, if you're into poetry, I'll leave about a thousand of those. Just be careful they dont accidentally go into the garbage bags and get sent to the dump!


  1. Yes it is getting that way. I'm OK with that & expect it! My mother raised 3 children, one of whom had a disability,on her own. She worked fulltime from the day she left school to the day she retired at 63. I have told my mum that she needs to spend it on herself. I want her to be happy, she has worked hard and deserves to enjoy what she herself has earned.She raised us well, so we will be OK.

  2. Our world is a changing, and not for the better, I fear!

  3. I wonder where did our values go? The things we used to be so proud of? So many people have turned selfish, not the ones just getting by, but the ones who have so much?

  4. Spoken like the true free spirit you have always been, Sherry! I know you to be wealthy in what matters: rich in insight, overflowing with compassion and filled to the brim with love. Our generation values the same things it did in the Sixties, wishing only peace, harmony and kindness for all living things.

    That's not a bad legacy to leave for our kids, I think...:)


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