Monday, December 6, 2021

Traveler On the Path

Traveler is nearing the end of her travels.
Her body carries the fatigue
of her long journey.
Her psyche rides atop it like
a horse with a willing spirit
but two lame knees.

In her knapsack of memories
lies her treasure: all the
loves, heartbreaks, lessons,
a thousand moments of
writhing embarrassment,
a hundred encounters with
those beings sent to guide her path.

An aging mentor lives
in her left temple.
It softly whispers "this is the way"
when the way might seem unclear.
Once she learned to listen,
her path grew easier.
Before that is a time called
Becoming, an apprenticeship
best viewed with compassion.

Traveler looks the long road back:
so many gifts, especially her love affair
with the beauty of this world.
Earth sings to her now
in the outgoing tide,
in the dimming moon at daybreak,
in the first evening star,
in that same true blue sky
that has kept her Looking Up
her whole life long.

Traveler seems to be singing back
her song of gratitude.
She is singing her 
Until-Next-Time song.

for earthweal where the challenge is: The Journey

One April years ago I wrote a series of Traveler poems. I didnt so much write them as take dictation. The words just came. I havent written a Traveler poem in some time, so I started tapping at the keys this morning and this is what came out. The closing lines surprised me a little. Smiles.


  1. This is so beautiful, Sherry, I don't know where to start: there is a wistfulness, a resignedness to it, and also that ' love affair/with the beauty of this world.'

    1. Is 'When I Come Back, I Will Be Grief' another of your Traveler poems? This reminded me of it, though more hopeful in nature.

    2. When I wrote Grief, I didnt think it was a Traveler poem....but it well could be. Since the unthinkable events from 2016 on, the earth grief has been heavy. Though the world remains so beautiful it breaks your heart.

    3. You're so right, Sherry. Keep on raising your voice!

  2. Keep singing, Sherry. Your songs are important. You are not nearing the end of your journey. You have "miles to go before you sleep." You come from strong stock!!

  3. "so many gifts, especially her love affair
    with the beauty of this world." And now, relaxing in earthsong! This poem reads like your traveler poems--but now I think the earth's in love with her, and shares the gratitude. Long may you live in this shared awareness!

  4. What a heart-strong journey poem, Sherry. Full hearts are filled with everything from the journey, gorgeous and terrible both. My mind perked up especially with the "left temple" reference, as a scan eventually revealed a herdetary ganglion in my left temporal lobe which probably caused the seizures which seemed to mark my shamanic journey. (Great journey pic of you, too!)

  5. You have a while left yet...the journey is not over...enjoy the last bit no matter what !

  6. I just stopped by to read your latest and say thank you for all the love and support you've given my writing over the years Sherry, and found this here to bring tears to my eyes with its sad but infinitely caring beauty. Our travels make us who we are, and in the end, the journey is all we have to show for our winding footsteps. I especially love the last two stanzas--just straight from your heart to mine.

  7. Such lovely comments, my friends. Thank you.

  8. The traveler has had an amazing journey. I do believe there are many more adventures yet to be had. That knapsack has room to tuck away a few more memories.

    I am honored that our paths have intercepted in the quest to enlightenment.

    Your write with the pen of an amazing heart. Sing on my friend and I will sing along.

  9. A love affair with the beauty of this world. Beautiful indeed. A journey worthy of a traveler such as this. Keep looking up.

  10. What a beautiful description of a life's journey learning the ways of light, beauty and spirit. I hope you keep on going for quiet some time yet dear Sherry. Suzanne

  11. you embody compassion, Sherry. thank you for your light ~

  12. So much magic emanating from your words, from your being. A life well lived I'd say.


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