Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Memory Museum

Keystone-france/getty image

I once saw John Lennon's yellow Rolls
in the Victoria Museum.
It was like touching my younger years,
those songs that were the soundtrack
of my life, through all the smiles and tears.

These days, I wander through the halls
of my memory museum,
plucking out random moments:
the coffeehouse on Saturday night,
Stephanie, age three, running like 
a tipsy teakettle across the park at sunset,
the movie Jonathan,
which made my soul take flight.

Down all those years, I gathered memories
like plums, stored them away
until today: when I can pluck them,
one by one, and, for just a moment,
make them stay.

For Susan's Midweek Motif: Museums


  1. How absolutely gorgeous. Luv your memory museum, Sherry
    Happy Wednesday. Thanks for dropping by to read mine

    Much ❤🕊❤love

  2. Oh the plums! Wonderful plums--from the car and songs to Jonathan--waiting there for you to pluck. I've got to remember to take time at my own plum tree. (And I like the hint of William Carlos Williams's plums in here.)

  3. Sherry, what a beautiful, utterly delightful poem. Our good memories are like treasures, the little fruits of our passing life.

  4. "There are places I remember / in my life"

  5. "Make them stay" -- what a sublime doormat to your memory house.

  6. If you figure out a way to make memories stay, please share!

  7. Memories I have in abundance too but sadly my mind keeps me from going back there saying there is only one way to go...but I am avoiding that for the moment!

  8. Oh I love - running like
    a tipsy teakettle .. memories are precious!

  9. So many bright and happy images here. Each a beauty.

  10. Memories as sweet as plucked plums - what a wonderful thought

  11. Ah, memories like ‘plums’... yep, mind holds sweet memories. We just need to learn to surf..
    What a wonderful poem, Sherry. Loved it.

  12. Love this, Sherry. Especially your final verse,
    "like plums, stored them away until today: when I can pluck them, one by one, and, for just a moment, make them stay."
    I will spend an hour or more going through my blog posts, my plums, reviving my memories.

  13. This is a very special poem....just delightful. I love the expression
    tipsy teakettle We say teapot here but tea kettle is much better. Lovely...needed a cheer up... Thanks !


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