Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Last Star of the Morning

Traveler walks like a moving tree,
like a wind-whisper, singing,
like the breath of dawn.

Traveler is a part 
of the landscape;
she carries with her
a corner of the sky.

Traveler rises with the morning sun.
She is always walking towards
the next sunset.

There is the last star of morning
on her shoulder.
She wears the first star
of evening in her hair.

The moon is her mistress,
a songbird flies from branch
to branch beside her,
and a wolf-shadow
her every step.

An old one from 2011, re-posted for the Poetry Pantry at Poets United, where you will find many beautiful offerings every Sunday morning! Come join us!


  1. Thanks for portraying the traveller as someone walking. Modern (flying) travel is so bad for the planet as you know.

  2. This was one of my Traveler series in April of 2011, for NaPoRiMo. I made a small book of her journey, after.

  3. The poem is absolutely beautiful. (And I love that whimsical, sneaky tree in the picture.)

  4. This is absolutely stunning, Sherry!💖 Especially love the last stanza 😊

  5. I love the idea of wearing the first star. So many beautiful images tucked in this wonderful poem

  6. I love the gorgeous surreal imagery of this. I agree with Jae. That star image is magical.

  7. How important it is when walking in the wild to be a part of the landscape; observe and do no harm. Once a few centuries ago this was the rule but sadly we have no respect anymore.

  8. This is gorgeous! Traveler walks almost in her own planet, and I feel that the journey would be perspective-shifting.

  9. Oh my, I love this traveler and I would walk with her any day. Carrying a star and piece of the sun and moon in my heart.

    I am sure the tree would be moved by the traveler.

  10. I love that she is part of everything and that all things show part of her. I love what this poem invites us to remember--we can't walk alone (we never do)... and if we try, we leave part of ourselves behind.

  11. Love the aesthetics of your poem, Sherry. Great work.

  12. OMG luv every word of this poem in its rightful place

    My favourite lines
    "she carries with her
    a corner of the sky."

    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday


  13. Wonderful! A traveler who wears a stsr and carrues with her a piece of the sky. Beautiful and magical.

  14. I love this poem. The last star of morning on her shoulder, the first star of evening in her beautiful. And somehow lightens one's load as does the reading of this poem...from one traveler to another and another. So grateful for your blessing of that wolf and his shadow.

  15. Truly wonderful Sherry. A woman who loves nature, to be sure.

  16. I like the mystical vibe in this. Are we all travelers with stars as adornments?

    Lovely poem Sherry. So dreamy.

  17. I enjoyed picturing the stars in her hair and on her shoulder. A sweet poem.

  18. Wonderful! This is the way to travel: both for the traveller and for the planet travelled upon. An inspired piece of writing, Sherry.

  19. i love the surreal images in the poem, especially the wolf shadow that accompanies the narrator, and in the picture, the walking tree that's always providing shade for the walker. In a way, all of us are travelers in this world.

  20. she carries with her
    a corner of the sky.....sublime. I felt like joining her on her journey.


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