Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Everything is Alive, and Listening.......

Hole in the Wall, Port Alberni, B.C.
photo by Ronald Mani, B.C. Magazine

The stone in your hand, warm from the sun,
is alive, having traveled such a long journey
to fit into your palm.

Everything under the sun 
is as happy to be alive as we,
dolphins, leaping with joy in the silver sea,
whose squeals turn to pain and terror
when the death boats come hunting,
and the seas turn red.

Trees talk to each other, hold rooted hands
under the soil, all across the forest floor.
They whisper to those of us Two-Leggeds
who listen.
The mighty beings quake
at the screech of the saws,
roots parting reluctantly from the soil
as their majestic bodies topple.

Everything in the world is alive,
and listening.

Water, too, is alive,
its molecular structure changing
in response to the love,
hatred, peace or discord
we beam at it.

If a drop of water changes structure
from dark to light,
in response to love,
should not the dark hearts of men
respond in kind?

The wild creatures feel all that we feel,
joy at being alive,
building their nests,
raising their young, but they also
feel fear and pain, the struggle to survive,
grief when they lose their kin,
gratitude when, tummies full, night falling,
they have survived another day.

That rock in your hand, warm from the sun,
having made its long journey
to this resting place:
place it back on earth, in testimony
to all that passes, all that will remain.

From 2018,  shared with the Tuesday Open Link at Real Toads.


  1. I love the opening lines of this poem, Sherry, and the image of trees holding root hands. Your poetic voice is always so wise. I feel comforted by this poem.

  2. Well-documented, this analysis of all things being one thing.

  3. I love that you end in the same gentle place you began. There are a lot of harrowing images here, but there is hope too.

  4. Beautiful opening and closing lines, Sherry! I have a small collection of stones that fir perfectly in my hand – a lovely thought, that they have travelled so far. I love the lines about the trees that ‘talk to each other, hold rooted hands’.

  5. Beautiful, but sad in parts. My favorite verse,
    "If a drop of water changes structure
    from dark to light,
    in response to love,
    should not the dark hearts of men
    respond in kind?
    I am glad that I didn't kidnap that warm rock being held. I do have some I brought home to be here with me.

  6. I do love it... and so good to never throw that rock but put it back and let it continue its journey.

  7. Your words are balm for a tired soul — your depiction of this natural beauty which is alive speaks of a deep connection with all its elements. The last few lines are so beautifully rendered. :-)

  8. hold rooted hands
    under the soil... love that image...

  9. Oh Sherry, stunning images that we are slowing turning black.

  10. ... gift it back to the soil. Beautiful.

  11. Sherry, you did justice to this poem by highlighting the fact that everything is alive, has feelings and wants to live just as we do. The imagery of that stone that has made such a long journey before resting in the palm of one’s hand is perfect.


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