Thursday, May 24, 2018

When You Love a Wild Thing III

When you love a wild thing,
you can never  again
to being tame.
He'll take you farther
than you'd ever go alone,
after which you'll never
be the same.

He was a wild thing,
and he shared
my wild and wilderness-y 
We gamboled endless 
sandy beaches,
never apart
through the happiest
and wildest
of our years,
and, when we had to leave,
we mourned together
our lost home
with inner tears,
the way all the wild 
and displaced creatures 

He was a wild one,
and in all my life,
he was my dearest friend.
He was himself,
black wolf who loved me,
to the end.
He made me laugh
as untamed wild things
always will,
living all his life
with a spirit
too big
to kill.

He loved me more
than anyone I ever knew,
so it was harder than I dreamed
when our years together
were through.
And, when he went away,
though he tried so hard to stay,
most of my heart
went with him,
for pain is the price
love pays.

Forever now, I'll listen
for his song.
I will miss him
every day
all my life long.
From the moment
his heart stopped beating,
from the hour
we had to part,
I've been
a weary wolf woman
with wolf howls
in my heart.

for my prompt at Real Toads: Must Love Dogs. I have written a book full of poems about this wonderful wolf-dog. He shared my happiest years, and seven years after his death, I still miss him every day. The phrase "a spirit too big to kill" comes from my friend Annell, who wrote it soon after he died. I am so grateful for our fourteen years together.

I am sharing this in the Poetry Pantry with the good folks at Poets United this weekend.


  1. A touching tribute, Sherry. Thanks for the prompt.

  2. Deep. Touching. Agreed. <3 ALOHA

  3. Wonderful, Sherry! I love reading your poems about your dog. What a handsome boy. I love 'He made me laugh / as untamed wild things'and 'wolf howls /in my heart'.

  4. Pain is the price the heart pays, but I wouldn't trade a moment with my furry companions either.

  5. wonderful post Sherry... you have memories that cannot be replaced

  6. Aw Sherry, you made me cry. What a beautiful boy he is, with his broad chest, triangle ears and funny tail. But the feature I like best about him is his eyes...he knows he's loved and it fills him to the brim.

  7. I love your poems about Pup. They always make me cry though.

  8. Just beautiful, Sherry. That unconditional love. It’s like no other.

  9. Such a fine friend for you he was, Sherry. Pup will always be with you in spirit, he won't ever leave. This is a very nice tribute you've left here in the ether. Thank you for sharing him once again.

  10. Oh the wolf howls in your heart... somehow we will always have a favorite... there will always be a void in our heart.

  11. And, when he went away,
    though he tried so hard to stay,
    most of my heart
    went with him..

    I wish I could say I had not lived through this particular pain, but I have.. time does not heal it. Your Pup was a very beautiful soul.

  12. WOW a beautiful tribute Sherry


  13. So beautiful Sherry, you have made me cry, as you always do when you write about Pup. It raises my heart to think of him, how he enriched your life, and then you enriched mine. RIP Pup

  14. My eyes are filled with this wild, beautiful friend. I hear those howls.

  15. Made me cry! So beautiful a tribute to your pooch. This took my breath away:
    for pain is the price
    love pays.

  16. from the hour we had to part,
    I've been a weary wolf woman

    The memories linger on especially when there are feelings for them when alive!


  17. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful being.

  18. A heartwarming tribute to a glorious love between person and dog!

  19. Now this really is a tearjerker Sherry remembering the dogs that have died in my arms. How beautifully you describe the love of your canine friends.

  20. This is such a beautiful tribute, Sherry!💞

  21. How wonderful it is when the spirit of one dear to us, whether animal or human, lives on within our hearts.

  22. Those with big spirits are forever with us....your deep abiding love and friendship brings tears to my eyes every time I read it in your poems....we are both thinking of wildness today! Big hugs to you....

  23. A beautiful tribute to your dear Pup.

  24. When we love the wild, the wild loves us back... and nothing loves as deeply as a wild thing.

  25. This is heartbreaking but beautiful. I bet you still feel his wild spirit protecting and keeping you company.

  26. What a tribute! OwoOOOOOOO! Golly. He who loved you the most and who shared his wildness, you carry still. In that special place he lives, though I am sure it is not enough.

  27. Aroooooo. Pup was such a fine handsome lad. I imagine he is waiting for you, just beyond the edge of the forest.

  28. So... that's why you are a "Wild Woman" love you.

  29. Beautiful and moving ... tenderly rendered - with a mesmerizing cadence and so much love. And the close ~ sigh ~ utterly enchanting, Sherry.

  30. a very moving tribute, Sherry.


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