Saturday, May 19, 2018

Upon the Shores of My Heart

Clayoquot Sound
called me forth
out of the desert,
brown and bare,
into the pulsing, alive,
thrumming heartbeat
of Mother Earth herself.

She lay before me
sandy shores, the ocean's roar,
mountains wreathed in fog
and mist,
her ancient trees,
the eagle's cry.

Activists, dancing and singing
on the road,
protecting wilderness,
beckoned to me
and my heart knew
I was home.

She sang to me
in whalesong,
in  sand  and surf,
in the timpani
of raindrops on salal.

She captured my heart

And now I'm heading home,
through the misty mountains.
I round the bend in the road
and there she is:
her endless waves,
rolling forever and forever
onto her welcoming shores.

I have, for half my life,
lived in thrall
to the lulling song of the sea,
her waves rolling in,
slate-grey and
frothed with foam,
forever advancing
and retreating
upon the shores
of my heart.

Sharing this with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United, where you will find good reading on Sunday mornings.


  1. you've certainly captured the essence of the mystical in the beauty - so wonder-filled and awesome (as in grandiose, jaw-dropping for the splendor and all the miraculous has to offer) - how beautiful is this?

  2. A song which also echoes with the rhythm of my heart~ Beautiful!

  3. You live in such a beautiful place, Sherry. You hear the singing, and it is a beautiful song!

  4. Ahhh! I can feel your delight. I had to choose in the end, to live a little closer to the mountains and a little further from the ocean – but still close handy by car.


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