Monday, May 7, 2018


photo by Chris Lowther

One more beloved dog,
one more farewell,
as Menina, beach companion,
moves across the Island
and out of our lives.

May she find green pastures.
May she lie down in muddy ponds,
as she so loves to do.
May there be “treats” and chewy orange balls.
May her new family be kind
and loving.

The love we gave her goes with her.
The one lesson learned
this lifetime is:
Love and let go.
Love and let go.

So many small voyagers,
child and canine,
have crossed my path,
then gone on to other lives
and other realms.

I send along a bag of treats
and balls for her.
With tears, one more time,
I love and let go.

Menina belongs to friends whose life changes mean a new home for Menina. Chris and I have been her "aunties". We couldn’t find a home for her in Tofino, so she is heading across the Island – to a place in the country, where we hope she will run free like the wind. Walking the beach will not be the same without her.


  1. Oof! Sometimes I wonder what hurts more - letting them go, knowing they are still of this land - and wondering and hoping and praying that all will be more than well .... or the loss of them actually crossing over.

    Either way, it hurts. And I hope it all ends with nothing but good times and new memories for her, as well as the shared and treasured memories for her former earth-walkers.

  2. She will miss you n' Chris~ I hope Menina has a wonderful life in her new home! Imagine all the lives she has touched with her kindness~ Animal energy is so healing and such a blessing! I am sorry! I know you will miss her, so much~

  3. I know the heartbreak of having to find a home for a beloved dog family member.Your poem brings back very painful memories.I adored my big black lab like you adored your wolf.He was baby sitter and play mate to the children for all of their young years.
    I was starting a new life abroad. Fortunately I found a wonderful family home for him (people I knew). After several years I returned to OZ at the same address for a visit. By now Toby was quite old. One day he turned up at the door step having walked miles and miles to find us.He wanted to come home to say goodbye I suppose.After a phone call his very distraught new owner came to collect him.I still remember the look in her eyes. She was scared I would not give him back to her. I did.It almost destroyed me . I have never recovered from it and have never owned a dog again.


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