Friday, May 11, 2018

Being the Observer

Star dreamer,
singer of ocean songs,
gatherer of beach rocks,
I whisper to cedar,
commune with ravens,
send love to the wolves,
give deep bows to the sunrise,
wrap morning fog 
in ecstasy
around my throat,
hobble along the shore,
   eyes ever alert    
for treasures.

I am at the time of Watching,
of Being the Observer.
I sift and sort 
a plentitude 
of memories,
noting with gratitude 
the winding path
that brought me here.
I am a Gatherer,
bundling up
life's daily gifts,
with reverence
and wonder.

for  Rommy's prompt at Real Toads:  to give ourselves a job title. Since I am retired, my current job is observing this world, so full of beauty, human-created disasters and earth-borne delights.


  1. I'm waving.
    Amazing how all those varied paths lead to (more or less) the same destination, eh?

  2. nice work with the prompt... being the observer is important work...

  3. Sherry, I think the owner of this Observer Job has the best. Even "better" still with the Gatherer combined. I imagine that when you lived in civilization the position of Sidewalk Superintendent was also under the Observer position. It is you, right? (BTW, A major part only was me in my writing.)

  4. Being the observer, the gatherer. Perfection.

  5. I love the gathering of daily gifts. Beautiful.

  6. "wrap morning fog
    in ecstasy
    around my throat" Wow! Just lovely. I'm so happy you share your observations!

  7. Your precious reward : a daily assembly of treasure beyond measure. Enjoyed this poem very much Sherry

    much love...

  8. Oh... it's a forgotten art to observe and to listen

  9. Wonderful, Sherry! There's a mythic quality to your voice in this one!

  10. An enchanting Gatherer you are. Love this part ".....wrap morning fog
    in ecstasy
    around my throat..."

  11. and a good job of observing you do, as well ~


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