Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spirit Wolf

When he died,
she cut off her hair.
The wind lashed the cabin walls;
it howled around the eaves,
like her wild spirit, inconsolable
at the loss of her mate.

A lone wolf came,
night after night.
At first, she stayed indoors,
listening to him howl.
Then she went out
and howled into the night herself:
loss, sorrow, bereavement,
no solace anywhere.

He would howl back,
an answering ululation.
In time, there were nights
when they would howl together.

In this way, the winter passed,
a sharing between two lone creatures.
As the one-year passage
of her husband's death approached,
the wolf stopped coming.
He knew that she was strong again,
had found her footing,
was making her way.

Sometimes, a wolf is
the kindest being in the world.
Sometimes he brings a message
from the land of spirits.

Spirit-wolf, shape-shifter,
brother, friend:
we listen
for your call.

True story. Told to me by the woman who howled.  Shared with the good folk at Poets United in the Poetry Pantry, where you will find good reading on Sunday morning.


  1. I i understand totally. Many nights I howl.

  2. What a beautiful write, Sherry. The best kind of sharing of all.

  3. How I loved this Sherry. Not many wolves in Australia so may have to find the dingoes instead but sadly they don't interact with us all that well.

  4. Luv the simpatico of the two howling together

    Happy Sunday Sherry

    much love...

  5. This is incredibly poignant, Sherry!💞

  6. Wolves, howling, shape-shifting - I love it all, Sherry!

  7. Sometimes he brings a message
    from the land of spirits

    One just cannot dismiss it just like that. There has to be certain consideration to allow for possibilities! It may just work that way, Sherry!



  8. Wow, what an amazing story – and beautifully told.

  9. Absolutely stunning !
    I agree, the messages are always being delivered - we need to pay attention, gather ourselves and move on.

  10. Yes, I came to this mesa so that I could howl. Howling is a private matter. If you hear the howling, pretend not to. Allow the "lone ones" to be. A wonderful poem!!

  11. i love this. As anyone who has grieved knows all too well...howling of the spirit is all we know...for a long while. Beautiful.

  12. Heartbreaking and peaceful all at once.

  13. Incredible story.. one wishes the spirit would stop howling eventually and find its peace...

  14. What a wonderful story... maybe we need that support to howl out our bereavement... the wolf can help us...

  15. perhaps a howl is cathartic, but the wild spirit is compassionate.

  16. great story... subject that we both are fascinated with...

  17. How beautiful....simply perfect.

  18. I hear him in the wind often.

  19. This gave me goosebumps. So powerful and beautiful.

  20. Brilliant writing. Really, really impactful and stirring. A joy to read.

  21. What a wonderful story, so poignant and peaceful ~ healing.

  22. Sometimes in the face of grief and loss all we we can do is howl. It is enough.

  23. oh this is such a beautiful and lingering story!


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