Monday, May 14, 2018

Tofino Skies

On the way to South Beach

The wild waves
of Wickaninnish

To Chestermans
for the sunset

A visitor

Sunset at Chestermans

Yesterday being Mother's Day, I decided to do only what I felt like. I drove to Wickaninnish in the morning, came home to enjoy sitting on the deck in the sun in the afternoon, and went to Chestermans last night for the sunset. It was fun watching the surfers riding the waves as the sun went down. I was sitting near a beach fire, so I got to enjoy that wonderful smell, if not the marshmallows. No dogs came near, sadly, but a crow came and kept me company for a while. 

I hope mothers everywhere had as wonderful a day.


  1. Fantastic, Sherry! How lucky you are!


  2. Wow! What a lovely day. I love the pics.
    Mary (Wilds of Idaho)


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