Sunday, May 14, 2017

Why I Love This-Place-So-Dear

Kids, if you watch this, a video about one of the kids my youngest, Stephanie, went to school with, Raph Bruhwiler, who is now a surfing super-star, you will begin to understand my passion for this place - its wildness, its beauty, its energy, its people. There is nowhere like it.

Catherine, Raph's sister, who speaks in the video, is the one who bought my trailer, when illness struck, income stopped, and I was forced to leave - by ambulance - this place I loved so dearly. I grieved its loss for the seventeen years I was away. It is not easy to return. There is no housing. Finding a year round rental is akin to winning the lottery. And somehow, I won! (I know I deserve it!)

When it began to become clear to me I was going to have to leave this place I loved so much, I remember standing on the tombolo at Chestermans Beach - the strip of land connecting beach to Frank's Island, sometimes covered by waves, sometimes with sand you can walk across . I turned in a circle, beauty for 360 degrees.......and then the thought came to me, that I might soon have to leave. Unthinkable.

Two nights ago, I went to that same tombolo. As I stood in the same spot, I remembered that turning, that thought. Again, I turned in a circle - beauty for 360 degrees. And I was back! Sometimes we are blessed. But to be twice blessed - now THAT is amazing!


  1. your return to that very tombolo and closing your eyes, once again, spinning a 360 turn then opening your eyes and there you were back again, many years later. But for a moment, the feeling that time played no bearing. I am happy for you, mi amiga.

  2. Wow! It seems like people don't just love living there, they feel like they're in heaven. I understand your love affair even better now. Thanks for sharing this video Sherry.
    I'm in awe of how people can play with the ocean like that. The ocean's vastness scares me.

  3. I really do appreciate this video. Thank you.


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